February 26, 2023

God Has Redeemed You. - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in
the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious word of God that comes to you for
today, it is taken from the book of Isaiah 43:1 says, “Fear not for I have
redeemed you, I have called you by your name. You are mine.’’
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, From the above verse we see what God has
to say about you. He says, Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called
you by your name. You are mine.’’ Yes you belong to God. He has
purchased you by His precious blood. Since you belong to God, He asks you
not to be afraid. Today we find many children are filled with fear. For
some, if exams come then they are filled with fear. Some are afraid of the
future. For some if they think of the disease in their body then they are
filled with fear. Some children are afraid of the work which they do
because it is very strenuous. They think, we are going to work but how
are we going to do our work.’ Will we be able to do the work properly to
the expectation of those in authority. Thus their work gives them fear.
Some will be afraid of the creditors, who knock at their door to collect the
pending money. Since all are afraid of many such things, God is comforting
all of them by saying, “Do not be afraid, I have redeemed you.” God has
redeemed you from fear. God has redeemed you from all those things
which cause you fear and anxiety. God has redeemed you from all shame
and humiliation. He is our Redeemer.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, No matter what problems you get
entangled with, there is a Redeemer to redeem you from all such problems. So
why should you fear unnecessarily? But we need to look up to God and
call upon His name. In case you have got caught in some kind of problem
then all you need to do is to call upon Him. And the moment you call upon
Him, He will answer you. He will willingly come down and redeem you
from all your problems. Like Birds hovering over its young ones, the Lord
will come down to fight for you. God will not only defend you but also
deliver you out of your problems. Today in what situation have you been
caught up? Is it debt? You are unable to come out of your debts. God will
redeem you out of all your debts. He will make new ways for you to earn
well and thus pay all your dues. Then no creditor will come and trouble
you hereafter. God says, in this verse “ I have Redeemed you.” He has
already redeemed you so never be afraid. Hold on to this verse. Are you
caught up in some court case? Are you thinking that you will not be able
to come out of the court case, well the Lord is saying that He will redeem
you out of the case. You are expecting bail from the court. God says
that He is going to redeem you from the court case permanently and bring
justice to you.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Maybe you are caught up in some kind of
sin and you are unable to come out of that bad habit. You realised that you
are wrong but you are unable to come out of it. God will redeem you from
that sinful habit, if you really repent of your sinful life. You are now saying
that you have been caught up under some man or woman who is very
treacherous and you are unable to come out of their hold. You want to be
set free from their hands but you are unable to do so. You are crying
saying that you have got caught into their hands without your knowledge,
or by mistake. Now you want to be redeemed. You are saying if only you
knew that these people were treacherous, then you would not have joined
them. Whether you got caught in their hands knowingly or unknowingly,
all you need to do is to call upon the name of Jesus. He will redeem you.
Yes, God will redeem you from their hands, if you only call upon Him. He
is your redeemer. He will redeem you and celebrate over your redemption.
He will also cleanse you by His precious blood and purify you so that you
may not fall into any sinful habit, or in the hands of sinful people. He will
carry you upon His shoulders, and bring you out of all your struggles and
help you live a joyous life.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters He will be with you wherever you go or come
and carrying you on his shoulder He will lift you up and take you to a
higher level that you may enjoy a bright future. He will lead you all the way
in your future.Not only that, the verse says, He has called you by your
name. He assures that He has named you Israel. God has named you to
shower upon your individual attribution that belongs to you. He wants to
give you Unique power, and therefore he says, “You are mine’. By saying
that you belong to Him God is enjoying ownership of you. Just imagine
how valuable it is to think that the God of the Universe who created the
earth and the heaven should call you, by your name and tell you, “You
are Mine.”How great a privilege it is for you to belong to such a mighty
God. So hold on to this word of God and live a peaceful life. God will do
great things in your life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father , I bless all the children who are reading this
message in the name of Jesus. Lord You have said, “ You are Mine and
thereby You have made me your possession.”You said that you have named
me, and by this You show great love and concern for me. I thank You Lord
because You have made us Your Child. I pray that God will give to all those children who desire,
for a closer walk with God to be granted. Help them to draw close with You O Lord. Keep them
close to you. Hold them by your arms. Remove all fear from all the children
and redeem them from the clutches of evil people. Redeem them from all
kinds of bondages they are caught up in. Be it debts, court cases, bad
relationships, or due to any kind of evil forces. It may be from sin and worldly
pleasure whatever it may be , Lord you said, you will redeem them because
you are the Redeemer, So bring them out of all their captivity and restore
to them a calm and peaceful life. Thank You Lord for Redeeming them and
may they enjoy a life of deliverance.

In Jesus Name We pray.

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