People love to meet Bro.Stephen and get prayed. Many have met him in person and have got the prayers of Brother. People who come here are those who have been dejected in life, with acute sickness, illness, diseases and much more. They come seeking prayers for business prosperity, while some seek the prayers of Brother for securing jobs, financial break through and settlement of family dispute, pending case in courts and many such problems. Couples without child/children, seek his prayer and counseling. God has heard the intercessory prayers of Brother on behalf of these people. Marvelous and super natural miracles have taken place in the lives of these people.

We receive calls, letters and emails from people stating their needs. We pray for them and they receive their miracle. In meetings people request for an appointment to meet Brother. They are given personal appointments and they get prayed form Bro.Stephen. All the requests are considered and is coordinated by the Incharge – Appointments. You can register online for appointments or call us @ 97107 44999

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