The Right Door

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today, is taken from the book of John 10:9, “I am the door if anyone enters by Me, he will be saved. And will go in and out and find pasture. “

In the above verse God says that He is the door and if anyone enters through this door then he will be saved. The Lord Himself has said, “I am the Door.”  If there is a door, then it means that there is a way inside for you to go.  Christ is the only door or way that God is referring here in this verse. That is why He says in the Bible, “I am the way and no man shall come unto the Father except through Me.” So, whatever you might do or if you go somewhere on any task, the purpose of your going will be successful and you will return safely. The verse says, “You will go in and out and find pasture”. What does this mean? It speaks about your spiritual life, and the spiritual blessings that God has in store for you. You will also get worldly and external blessings from the Lord. When will you get these blessings?  When   you   enter through the door, Jesus. You need to approach through the door called Jesus in order to obtain all the blessings.

God is teaching you the way to approach him in order to obtain blessings from Him. If you approach through another source, it will be a failure.  Why don’t you approach through God?  When you go out for a certain purpose, tell the Lord that you are going out for a certain reason and ask Him to bless the purpose of your going out and ask God to come along with you. Say Lord I am going out putting my trust in You. Instead, take the route through Jesus the door to your progress and success. 

Once a brother told me his experience saying, that he only practiced one experiment and fortunately they had asked him to perform only that same experiment and he got passed in the interview. That was the favor God had shown to him. He said that God had shown him in advance that this particular experiment was the one he was going to be asked in the interview or exam. Thereby the Lord opened a way for his job opportunity.   This is the way God leads his children.

So always approach the Lord for your guidance. God looking at you today says, this is the right way to approach your progress. You shall succeed if you only enter through the Door God has kept for you. It is your choice whether   you will go through His door or through some other door. You should never take a shortcut road. It will not be correct. Go through the right channel that is through Jesus. He will guide you with His counsel and lead you to the destination you need to go. If you go through Jesus then you shall receive both worldly and spiritual blessing. Hold on to the word of God and your attempt will be successful. If you take Jesus along with you, your journey will be successful.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank You.  Lord, if anyone approaches through Your way then they would be successful in their life. Their purpose of work will be fulfilled. And they will go in and out and find pasture. May your children make use of this way ‘JESUS” to attain progress in their life. May their vessel overflow with blessings. I bless your children from the depth of my heart. Let wonders and miracles happen in their life.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


You Shall Enjoy The Rain.

My   Dear   Brothers  and  Sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Creator, Maker, and ever unforgettable Lord Jesus Christ. The Blessed word that the  Lord   has  given  for you today is from the book of Deuteronomy 28 : 8, “The Lord will command the blessings  on you in your store house, and in all to which you set   your hand, and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

From the above context we see  how the Lord wants to bless His children. Firstly the Lord is going to bless  the nation with blessed rain. The Lord shall protect this nation from all harm and danger that could befall this nation. And He will also be of great support to the children of God. He will defend them from their enemies. God is going to bring about a great change in the nation. Finally He will bless the work of your hand. You may be a farmer, a weaver, a tailor, a nurse , a  doctor, an engineer  or a business man. Whatever it may be God is going to prosper  you in the work you do. Hallelujah! God will grant you blessing in all the work of your hands. But God expects clean hands, hands without stain. You should be blameless and spotless for God to bless you.

May be all these years you had been trying all kinds of business. But you never could prosper. You grew variety of crops but they didn’t give you much yield. You felt that you are unlucky and therefore you couldn’t prosper. Some of you have begun to think that it is your fate to suffer. But God says, “From today onwards, I shall bless you.”All these days the work of your hand had not been fruitful. But hereafter, all that you touch will be prosperous. There are times when I heard people say, “He is a poverty stricken person, If you join him then, you also will become poor like him.”But in  order  to  change  your  poverish  state of life, God gave Himself on the cruel cross of cavalry. He shed His precious blood   to wash you of all your sins and make your hands clean. Though rich He became poor in order to make you rich. Heleluyah!   God says, as prophesy that an end has come to all your poverty  state of life. People looking at you will say, in  future,  “He was a  poor, man but  now has become a rich and wealthy person.   He is no more a poor man   begging on the streets. “ That is how the Shunamite woman, was known to be an honourable woman. So long she was a woman of disgrace but suddenly a change came upon her. God changed her situation in a moment. God will change your situation too.

God says, all those who were once rejected and oppressed   by others, will prosper in their life. They will become honourable people in the society. They will walk in dignity and  respect. People who laughed at their state of life,  will begin   to praise them. I can feel that some of you are saying that “Good things happen to others not to me.” This thought has been in your mind over a long period of time. But God can change your situation. It is not a hard thing for God to do. It is a trivial thing. Before coming to this meeting The Lord  asked me to keep on blessing you from the beginning to the end.  God loves you and cares for you.  So  just as Balaam looked at the multitude of Israelites,  and shouted at them saying “I have been sent by   God   and  commanded to bless His children.”Today God has sent me His   servant  to bless all of you through   this message. Therefore never think of the past , forget all that had happened in the past. The more you think of the past you will be pained at heart. God does not want you to suffer anymore. He wants to give you a fresh start of life. Let the past days be gone. The days  of your failure. The days of your loss, let it be forgotten and be gone in your life. You should not cry over the past. God will refresh your soul   and mind. Don’t be just  readers of this message, but also be doers, then  your life will be  prosperous.  God bless you.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father,  we  thank   You   for  this  blessed day. Dear Lord, send us the rain of blessing. We are waiting for the shower of   rain. Let the shower of blessing fall upon us. Let   it come O Lord we pray thee. Let the rain   remove all our poor condition and help us to live a successful and prosperous life. Help us to walk in dignity and respect  in the midst of jealous and envious people. Let our life reveal Your glory before them.  

In Jesus  Name We Pray.


God Strengthens Us

My Dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Lord has strengthened and guided us thus far. It is impossible to live a righteous life in this sinful, contaminated world with our own strength. Only by the Lord’s strength can we progress. This is what Apostle Paul firmly declares with faith,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13).

The people of this world undertake various exercises to showcase their strength. They consume several health drinks to acquire strength. These practices strengthen the body, but our inner man is debilitated and restless. It is during such weary times that we need to cry out to God for strength to overcome these diseases and temptations. You will perceive a new strength descending and empowering you. He is a God who gives strength and sustenance to the deprived. 

Perhaps Satan’s schemes have incapacitated you, or the losses you have faced have debilitated you, or the sickness you have endured has made you frail. Remember Christ who strengthens you is always with you! He will not let your foot slip! He who watches over you neither slumbers nor sleeps! He will strengthen your tottering knees! David relied totally on the Lord as he says in Psalm 18:1 “O Lord my strength”. Similarly, let us learn to live with the Lord’s strength.

Dear Children of God, we obtain strength by our faith in God, the Bible says “that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God” (1 Corinthians 2:5).

God empowers us when we put our faith in Him. We can achieve great and mighty things by our faith in God. Our faith can help us conquer the world. Believe and you will see the glory of God. The Bible says this about Sarah, “By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.” (Hebrews 11:11).

Her old womb was invigorated by her faith in God. It’s a known fact that it’s impossible for an aged mother to give birth to a child. But Sarah trusted God. And God renewed her strength. Many times, we repeatedly confess our sins during prayer instead we should make faith confessions. Ephesians 1 is filled with such faith confessions. Continually keep confessing them. We read about many heroes of faith in the Bible. You will receive the same strength they acquired. The impossible becomes possible. God has given us a spirit of power! Therefore, be bold! Be strong!

Prayer: Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. May my children inherit blessings as they spend time in your presence. Give them the grace to daily wait in your presence, so that they will mount on wings like the eagle and soar to greater blessings! Let them rejoice in your blessings. Protect them from all evil.

 In Jesus name we Pray.


God Who Sees

Dearly Beloved, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of Deuteronomy 32:9.10, “For the Lord’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance.In a desert land he found him,  in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of His eye. “

From the above context we learn that the people of Israel were the portion of God. And Jacob was His inheritance. God sought for Jacob in a desert land. He protected him, cared for him and guarded him, as the apple of His eye. He was roaming about in the wilderness amidst howling people. Without anybody to care for him he was left alone in the rough desert places. In such a place God found him. In other way we can say, that he was weary and forlorn in his life and in his emptiness God found him. He had nothing for himself, His future was almost uncertain and in such a state of life God found him. Having found him, God himself, made him to realize his state of affairs. God instructed him, encircled him, and protected him as the apple of his eye. As you are reading this message you may be thinking that your life has been shattered like Jacob. And some of you are worried about your children wherever they have gone to settle, and you have no news about them. God is going to search them out for you because of the tears you have been shedding, regarding them. 

Just as God found Hagar in the wilderness, struggling with her son, Ishmael,  who was almost dying out of thirst. Having found her son God did not wish that he should die, of thirst but revived him with a spring of water to quench his thirst.  Hagar was left alone with no one to help her, save her or comfort her. Neither Abraham nor Sarah came in search of her. But God Himself came in search of her. He found her and her son, in the most pitiable condition, and restored them. Abraham’s wife Sarah became jealous and asked her husband to banish them to the desert. Sent away with only small rations of food and water, Hagar and Ishmael were miraculously saved from dying of thirst by an angel. Hagar’s response to the Angel of the Lord’s message: “She gave this name to the Lord, who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.’’ Hagar, out of gratitude, gives God a name:  “ El Roi,” the God Who Sees.

Jehovah is a God who sees us in our affliction. He is a God who will find us out.  Wherever we may hide ourselves, God will find us out. God will trace out your son or daughter who has absconded themselves and you are weeping over them. God will look out for them and bring them back to you. You don’t have to worry, just cast your burden upon the Lord. God will not only find out your lost children but also your lost jewels. Your lost property, your lost wealth and your lost document, your locker key too will be recovered. God will let them float before you just as the axe floated when Prophet Elisha chopped a twig and threw it into the river Jordan. Immediately the iron axe began to float, and the man took his lost axe gladly. God knows all about you and all that you have lost in life. He will thoroughly search and find them out for you. May be you are worried as to what is happening behind your back. God will help you find the hidden mystery in your life. Hallelujah! God will send His word to fulfil the purpose for which it was sent and having accomplished its task the word will return back to the Lord. God Bless you.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we   thank   You   for   this   blessed day. Dear Lord, we thank you for finding Jacob in the wilderness.  You found him, protected him and   met all his needs. We also thank You for searching all our lost goods and returning them to us. We pray that You will help us find out the hidden mystery in our life.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


God will Satisfy all Your Needs.

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of Psalms 104-13.14, “He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work. He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate— bringing forth food from the earth: ”

From the above context, we learn that God waters the hills from His upper chambers and the earth is satisfied, with the fruit of His works. When the Psalmist looked up to the heavens from where his help comes, he sees  the water which is a symbol of blessing being poured down from heaven, upon our houses. The Lord is pouring out a blessed rain upon your house this morning, in order that you and your family will be blessed.  The Lord pours the rain upon the earth and the land gets wet and makes it fertile for crops to grow, and grains to yield for men and cattle. Thus, the earth gets satisfied by the rainwater and by the growth of the fruits of the earth, the vegetation, and green grass for cattle and mankind. Thus, man is able to cultivate and produce sufficient food for himself. The Lord is also going to perform a miracle for you today and help you to be satisfied. Hallelujah!

Whom do you think can satisfy you? Only the Lord Jesus Christ can satisfy your needs. I see in my spirit that many of you are reading this message without much satisfaction in your life. You don’t seem to be content.  Some say they are being paid very less salary and hence you are not satisfied with your income. Some are dissatisfied with the future of their children. Some have disease in their body which does not permit them to live happily so they are dissatisfied.Some are not satisfied with their education, as they couldn’t afford good education and hence, they are unable to secure a good job and sustain their family. Often you say, that your boss causes trouble and therefore you are unable to work satisfactorily in your office. A few feel sorry as they are unable to work satisfactorily in their ministry as they face many hurdles. They are unable to work peacefully. Thus, they get dissatisfied working in the ministry.

Some are unable to concentrate in their studies and therefore they are dissatisfied they want to excel in their studies but is unable to do so. There is something lacking in everyone’s life now and then   So, knowing all your problems today the Lord has   provided this message for you that you should be satisfied in your life. The Bible says a faithful man abounds with blessing. You need to abound with blessing. So be faithful and the Lord will satisfy you with all good things. The Bible says He observes everyone on the earth. For the righteous, God tries the hearts and minds. … His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. All their ways are known to them.  He knows whether you are satisfied or whether you are dissatisfied   in your life. What is it that is preventing you from living a life of satisfaction. Today God  is going to perform  a miracle for you in the area where you lack something  and help you live a life of satisfaction. The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. For He   satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.  God Bless you.

Prayer:  Our    Loving    heavenly   Father, we   thank   You   for   this   blessed day. Dear Lord, we thank You for helping us to understand, the need to be satisfied with what we have and also learn to live a life of satisfaction. We do lack many things, good health, finance, sound education and job and settlement in life. Lord we pray You meet all our needs according to  Your glorious riches  that we may live a life of satisfaction.

In   Jesus   Name We Pray.


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