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God’s Love Ministries was founded in the year 1997 by Brother .T Stephen. While he was attending a Cottage prayer meeting, God filled him with His anointing and God spoke to him through the scripture- John 3:16, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life’ and called Bro. T. Stephen for His ministry. This verse led Bro. T. Stephen to establish God’s Love Ministries. God has filled Bro. T. Stephen with the Spirit of love and compassion, which resembles the Love of God Himself.

Our Ministerial Services

You will rejoice to know that God is touching the lives of multitudes through our Television Programs. We are telecasting our programs through 19 Channels in languages like English, Tamil , Telugu , Hindi and Kannada. Multitudes have been blessed through the messages and the prophetical words through Bro. T. Stephen, given by the Lord.

The Prayer Tower, a place of refuge has been a great comfort to the people who are in distress. It serves in two ways. People call the Telephone Prayer tower for their prayer needs and our Prayer Intercessors pray for them with great burden. The prayer tower is functional round the clock.

Secondly people in need of prayers visit our Prayer Tower for prayer and counseling . Bro. T. Stephen personally meets (Appointments) and pray for them. God has been doing great wonders. Many broken families have been united. Many miracles and wonders have happened.

God has been blessing the Letter Ministry. There is an increase in the number of letters and emails that we receive everyday. According to the guidance of the Lord, each letter and email is replied to and people are being blessed.

God has been blessing the Web & Social Media. People receive God’s word at their finger tip and are blessed being at their place. Thousands from all over the world have been blessed through our Web cast and live programs.

By the guidance of the Lord, special prayer meetings in the name of Anbarin pathathil oru naal (Fasting Prayer) and Aaruthalai Thedi Oru Naal are conducted in Chennai once a month. People in India and from different parts of the world come and attend the meetings. Every month, there is an over flow of crowd in these meetings. God performs wonderful miracles in every meeting and multitudes are blessed.

God is using Bro. T. Stephen to share the message of love and deliver the people from the clutches of the devil. All honor, glory and praise be to the Lord our Saviour & Jesus Christ.

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