Family Counselling Ministry

Brother Stephen personally addresses the problems of both individuals and families on various issues such as:

1. Spiritual Counselling – Is given especially to those who lack knowledge about the word of God. John 8:32 says ‘And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’. John 8:36 says ‘If the Son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed.’  2 Corinthians 3:17 says ‘Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty’. As a result many individuals, families and people as a whole return liberated.

2. Brother, by the Word of God, heals all those who come to him with divine healing. And people are healed miraculously from various diseases.

3. Many who approach Brother T. Stephen with Problems such as joblessness, witchcraft, debts, and other family issues are also given counseling with apt reference from the word of God.

4. Couples who do not have children have been counseled by the Grace of God and they have been blessed with the fruit of their womb.

5. Families with misunderstanding and those related with divorce problems are also counseled meticulously by Brother T.Stephen, Hence many broken families have been reunited successfully.

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