August 24, 2023

Your Latter End Will Increase - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, the 24th of August, It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May the Lord Bless you all. Let us Job,8:7,”Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, the Lord says, though your beginning was small yet your latter end will be increased abundantly. I have heard many children say, “My business is not doing well. It is very dull. Not picking up. There is no harvest of souls in our ministry. It is very slothful. I have been doing ministry for the past few years, just as a new born child does not grow even though he is ten years old and if the ministry does not grow, how painful would it be? In the same manner it’s been many years since I started the business, and I have been in the ministry for many years, yet it all remains like a new born child. It has not matured. Saying like this, many of you are in pain within your heart today.

From the time I joined the job, they have not increased the salary. It is just the same. There is no progress at all. The cost of living and the cost of commodities have also increased, but there is no increment in the salary. Dear children of God, You are saddened at your heart regarding all these issues. Today, in case you are in the stage where your beginning is small then your small beginning is moving towards an increase in abundance, in the presence of God, submit your business, your ministry, the verse says, very beautifully “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” Which means your business that had been started in a very small scale, or your job was a very low paid job, and your ministry which was started in a very small manner, your education which had started in a very small measure or level, is all moving towards an increase. Though it looks as if the situation is like the cow that rotates the mill, this will gradually change and will move or take off to the next level . And progress to the higher level the Lord will make way for such a progress.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, in case you are saying that you have not even started a small beginning in your life, then God will enable you to start with a small beginning, today itself. Today God will perform a miracle for you. I attended several interviews Brother, but never secured a job. My heart is broken Brother. Why is Brother God not doing anything ? Am I a great sinner ? Many children are lamenting and murmuring like this, God is listening to your cry. He is with you. Sometimes He allows certain trials in order to test your faith in God. So God would have blocked certain progress in your life. Once you pass or win the trial then God shall lift you up and exalt you and place you in such a high position which you have never ever thought about. God who found David who started his career as a poor shepherd boy ,lifted him to the position of a king. And admired him and He gave him an abundant increase. In the same manner God will lift you up. So don’t lose heart. Never grow weary. Trust is your life. Believe that God will do what you desire. Wait in His presence, Then you will receive blessing from the Lord. You are going to move to excellence. It may be your family matter, or that of your children, it may be about your job, it may be regarding the church. In everything there will be an increase from today onwards, God will bless you.

Prayer; Dear Lord We thank You. Lord, I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message, Lord you have said, “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” Lord, I haven’t received even a small beginning. I remain just like that, very empty. For such children, Lord you yourself come down and start a small beginning in their life. Lord start a small job. A small ministry, a small business, and from such a small beginning lead them to an increase in their life. Lord hold them by your hand and lead them, Let all the weakness in their business be gone away. Let all weariness disappear. Lord, break all the barriers that obstruct the progress of your children’s education. Lord breaks all the obstacles that stand in the way of their progress, and helps them to move towards an increase. Help them to achieve great things in their life. Lord for those children who are crying saying that they are unable to do anything, give them wisdom, knowledge, and your support, and you can help them to achieve great things in their life Daddy. May all the trials which the children are going through become achievements in their life. Let all the cases that are charged against them regarding their business matters, let it all come to an end.Lord, for those children who have joined with me in prayer I request you to perform miracles for them. And break all the barriers that block their progress in life. In Jesus Name We Pray .

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