April 2, 2023

Your King Is Coming To You - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On this day, the 2nd of April, it is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this message. I believe that all of you are happy in the Lord. We hope, and pray that God will set all things well for you. As An Ambassador in Christ I am saying that God will fulfil all the desires of your heart. In case your joy had been snatched off due to certain reasons, well God will again make you to live a life of joy and peace. God will surely perform a miracle for you. I am delighted to come daily to your house, and share God’s word with you. I Bless you all through the word of God. Similarly I wish that many of you are blessing me and are blessing our ministry ? Please offer a small prayer on behalf of my family and our ministry and the Lord will hear your prayer and bless us abundantly for the Glory of God. Please do not forget to pray for us. Today the special word for you is taken from the book of Matthew 21:5 “Tell the daughter of Zion, Behold your king is coming to you. Lowly and sitting on a donkey. A colt, the foal of a donkey. ”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, from the above verse we know that your king the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to you. In this world we have kings, and Ministers, and Chief ministers, and Prime ministers who rule over us. But there is a king of king, who rules over all these worldly rulers. He is our king. Today it is not the worldly king but the heavenly king is coming to you. The most beautiful word used in this context is that, He is a meek king seated on a donkey. A colt, the foal of a donkey. ”The donkey refers to ordinary people, namely the parents. Usually parents are referred to as donkeys. The colt is referred to the child born of these parents. Young ones are mainly children. It shows that Jesus came riding upon the backs of the parents and children, as a meek and mild person. Our Lord Jesus wants to ride over these parents and upon the children too. May we submit ourselves, as donkeys before our king the Lord Jesus Christ, that He might ride over us.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, That day 2000 years ago, as you know today is the Palm Sunday. The people made Jesus as the king, and made him to sit on a colt, a young donkey and brought him riding along the streets of Jerusalem. They were singing the song Hosanna and coming along with their king Jesus. They were going to the temple of Jerusalem. This Palm Sunday is the recollection of those incidents that took place 2000 years ago on the streets of Jerusalem. That day Jesus went to the temple sitting over the young one of the donkey, on the colt and He was our God. But today, God wants to travel over the donkey that is the people and on the young ones of the donkeys that is over our children. As soon as the Lord Jesus sat on the colt and started riding towards the temple of Jerusalem. We see how the people spread on the streets the blankets like palm leaves and other things on the way side for the Lord to ride over. How they welcomed the Lord, seated on the donkey. Until then no one would have taken note of the donkey standing in the corner of the road. But when Jesus sat on the donkey and started riding upon it the donkey was given warm welcome and great respect as the king was sitting on the donkey. Today you too must have been disrespected by all the people and cast aside. And you are in a position where no one can accept you. You look as if you are standing alone on the roadside. Then today you accept or submit yourself to the Lord. Receive Him as your saviour and Lord of your life. Then you shall also receive warm welcome wherever you go.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, In case you have been rejected by all then you are needed by Jesus. You who are standing bound by cords, in the corner of the street, God will send his people to ask for you, like the rejected donkey. God desires you the donkey to ride upon. He wants to ride over you to the temple. Forsaken by all you who are, standing forlorn and lonely rejected and very dejected, God desires that you come unto Him. God asked his disciples to untie the donkey and asked for it to be brought that God might ride over the rejected donkey to the temple on the Palm Sunday. Because God rode over the donkey. Both Jesus and the donkey were welcomed by the people of Jerusalem. Today like the donkey, you submit yourself in the hands of the Lord. And you shall be exalted and people will welcome you as they did to the donkey. Submit yourself and your children to the Lord. And as soon as the Lord sits inside of you, since the king is seated in the throne of your heart, there will be royal welcome for you. You shall receive Royal respect and Royal hospitality by the people.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, in the very place where you have been put to shame and humiliation, there you shall be exalted. God will make your name of fame and praise. God will cause you to rise and shine and also operate you from within your heart. Therefore open your heart to God and he will come and reign inside of you. Just as the donkey received honour and respect from all the people around, you also shall receive honour and respect from all the people around you. You will be considered as the member of a respected family. You will be respected as a dignified person in the town. God will change you as respectful and dignified children or people on the face of this earth. You will be exalted by all the people around you. God will bring about a great change in your life. Will you submit unto Him?

Prayer: Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. As some of the children stand in the corner of the streets, rejected by all in the family, in the society like the rejected donkey. Lord you asked for that particular donkey and brought great respect and honour for the donkey by riding over it , on the streets of Jerusalem. In the same way consider all the children who have been forsaken by their people. I pray that you will release them from being bound and bring them to yourself to be used for your good purpose. Lord you ride over them and operate them for your purpose. Lead them in the right way and help them to live in grand houses of their own and may they acquire riches and wealth and property. Exalt them with good income, with high position and cause them to have the anointing of God and be blessed with the spirit of prayer. And you make your journey by riding over them. Ensure that you are there with them. And may they too receive a red carpet welcome, respect and honour and may they receive power and dignity in the midst of all the people around them. I bless them from the depth of my heart. Wherever your children experienced shame and dishonour there in the same place may they be exalted. Make their name of fame and praise and may the Lord celebrate over all the children. I want you Lord to bless them and take them to the highest position in life and admire them and honour them.
In Jesus Name we pray.

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