February 20, 2022

Your God Will Help You        - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of 1 Chronicles 12:18 “For your God will help you.”

My Dear Children of God, the Lord is looking at you and speaking to those of you who are living alone with no one to help you or comfort you in your distressed state of life. You have no one to support you and hence you are suffering, thinking about your helpless condition. But God is saying, “Your God Will Help You.” When   Isaac blessed his son Jacob, he said, “ The Lord,  your God will be your help.” What a great blessing it was!”   Today many of you have life partners who don’t support you at all. And even your children whom God has blessed you with, don’t support you when you really need their help. Each one is living their life in their own way. Then you think, “Lord I am alone there is no one to help me, neither my husband nor my children support me in any way. Lord takes care of me and helps me in my loneliness”. Many of you are lamenting in this manner. Isn’t it? Don’t worry. The Lord is there with you.

In the Bible, we see that Jacob, sent away his wife and children across river Jabbok. Jacob was supposed to cross the river Jabbok on his way to Canaan, after leaving Harran. But since he was afraid of his brother, he stayed behind all alone. When he was left alone God came and sat beside him to comfort him. Jacob shared all his worries and asked God to help him in his distress. He told the Lord that he will not let Him go until He blessed him. So, God assured him of his help and He went away. If God had not come and sat with Jacob that night, he would have lamented the entire night, over his problems. What was his problem and why did he lament? The next day he was supposed to meet his elder brother Esau who was wanting to kill him because he cheated on his brother by grabbing all the blessings from his father. Now he was scared to meet his brother. He feared that Esau might kill him, his wife, and his children. He needed grace in the sight of his brother.

The next day a miracle took place in the life of Jacob. His brother whom he feared came running up to him, hugged and kissed him. His brother made peace with him after 20 long years, and thereafter Jacob lived in peace. My dear children of God, even today while you are all alone, God is seated next to you to help and support you. Share all your problems with him.  He will solve all your problems. He says, “I will be with you my daughter, my son, do not be worried, nor be dismayed. I will do a miracle for you‘’. Are you expecting such a miracle today? Believe in the Lord and you shall see the glory of God, your enemies will know that the Lord is fighting for you and is in favour of you then, they will flee away from you in seven different directions. So, cheer up. God Bless You.

Prayer:  Our loving Heavenly Father, we thank   You   for this blessed day. Dear Lord, we thank You for Your word today.  Lord, You said that You will help all those who are alone, with no one to help them.  This is a wonderful promise of yours. Your word gives us assurance, to lead our life, cheerfully in all our loneliness, and despair. Place this word of God upon our heads and bless us. Some are still lamenting over their loneliness, saying that there is no one to take care of them. For such children who are lamenting, I pray you to change their situation, from sorrow to joy. Let a miracle happen for them.  May the next morning be joyful to them. Answer their requests and grant them peace.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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