October 6, 2023

Your Days will Be Prolonged - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, October 06th. It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May God Bless You All. Take with me and read from the book of Proverbs. 10:27, “The fear of the Lord, prolongs days. “

The Lord says that He will prolong your days on this earth. If you fear Him, So remove all the fear of death . For the Lord is straight away, coming to your house and saying an auspicious word. Your years will increase. Your days will multiply. And for this all you need to do is just one thing only. Early this morning you make a decision that you should walk in the fear of the Lord. You come out of the fear of death and make a decision. Say Lord I commit myself to walk in the fear of the Lord and to walk in truth and righteousness. To fear you and to obey your commandments, I submit myself to walk according to your words O Lord. I will get rid of all my wicked conscience, and I will submit myself to remain true to my conscience. When you tell the Lord in this manner then God will increase the days of your life. Maybe there is some incurable disease in your body. Maybe cancer, or TB, you may be affected by a disease for which medicines have not been found. Whatever it may be, Today God is coming straight into your home, and is saying “ I shall increase the days of your life.” You do one thing my daughter, do one thing my son, walk in the fear of your conscience. Make a habit of walking in the fear of God’s word. How many of you are willing to submit that you will walk in the fear of the Lord. If you will honestly commit your ways unto the Lord, surely a miracle will happen. Surely wonder will happen . So give up all your old ways of life and submit yourself wholly to the Lord. Give up all your sinful ways, your relationship with unwanted persons. And also unwanted friendships with others. The worldly pleasures that are not permanent. God is going to Pluck out all unwanted roots of all these issues from your heart, and God is going to reign in your hearts which is the kingdom in which God reigns, will you commit yourself to God, invite God to come into your heart. Let a clean conscience come and dwell inside my heart. I submit my heart to you to come and reign.

From today see that you live a new life. Don’t stick to that old life which you lived until yesterday, Come out of all your wrong doings. Tell “Lord I don’t want to enjoy bad thoughts, bad actions, uproot all unwanted things from my heart. I don’t want those bad thoughts, those sin, and sinful deeds. I only want You to stay in my heart. Say “ Lord it is not I who lives but Christ lives in me. Lord a devil has been living inside my heart and doing all kinds of evil things. He is doing what I don’t desire to do from within my heart. He acts from within me even though I really don’t like to do such things.” Are you really hurt because of this behavior of the devil, Lord get rid of all those unwanted things from within my heart. Come out of all those things that damage your heart. Speaking all things about others. Come out of blaming others falsely. Come out of jealousy. Clean the heart in which the Lord wants to dwell from all unwanted issues. Hold on to God completely and Create a good and intimate relationship with God from today. On this early morning tell the Lord.” I desire to hold your hand and walk along with you. Then you will feel very happy. You will feel God talking to you. You will realize God living and walking with you. That life will enable you to have a long life. In case someone has done some witchcraft or black magic against you, and therefore your hand and leg has become paralyzed. Don’t worry, God will directly come into your house, And He would say, “Well I desire you be healed. So Be healed. You get up walk , run and jump. ”And he asked him to go to the temple. In case you have got some disease, due to drinking, alcohol, or due to smoking you have spoiled your lungs, or your liver has been spoiled, Ask God to forgive you, God would give you new lungs, new heart, new liver. He will replace all the old organs into new ones. And He will cause you to live for many years. Those of you who are suffering from Cancer are watching this program, and many of you who are suffering from TB are watching this programme. You are listening to this word of God. Very particularly many young children are suffering from skin disease. This is a day when God is going to heal all your diseases. Some of you are suffering from Psoriasis. God is going to give you deliverance from all your sickness and diseases.

PRAYER: Dear Lord We Thank You. Lord, I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message. Lord you said, “Goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of your life. As you said, may they follow them. ”Let the peace of Israel be granted to them. Lord may health and healing come to them. And let all their disease be healed, Forgive all their wickedness and deliver them from all destruction, and death. Lord deliver all the children from the pangs of death, And from the cry of death and from destruction, I pray that You will deliver them, and grant them long life.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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