July 3, 2022

You Will Receive Power.   - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved in Christ I greet and bless you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.   The auspicious life giving word of the Lord, for today  is  from  the  book  of  Acts 1:8, “ But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has  come upon you and you  shall  be witnesses to Me in  Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

You will be strengthened when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Jesus said, ‘I will send the comforter from heaven’. Likewise, when the disciples were trembling in fear in the upper chamber the Lord made the Holy Spirit come upon them. What will happen when the Holy Spirit comes upon you? You will be strengthened in your soul, in your spirit. The Lord will give new strength to your body, soul, and spirit. The Bible says, the Holy Spirit is the comforter. He is the Lord who comforts you in your   weariness.  He is the Lord who consoles you. He will revive your spirit. 

Today, the Lord is saying, to you, ‘My strength will be sufficient in your weakness’. The other importance of the Holy Spirit is that He will lead you through all the truth. You may not know all the truths of the Bible, but the Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth. Today, the Lord is taking you and your family into His hands to lead them in the truth. The Holy Spirit is the One who takes everything under His control. When the Holy Spirit comes, you will become Holy. You will have His strength to overcome temptation. God bless you.

Prayer:  Loving Father, we thank you for the Holy Spirit. Today, as your children are reading  Your word, let the Holy Spirit who strengthens them, who leads them in all truth come upon them and let them receive a divine strength, in their body,  soul, and spirit.  May the Holy Spirit, lead your children on the path of righteousness. Lead them on the straight path so that they will not fall to the right or to the left. Lead their business, family life, and let them live well in all things. May  they  be  blessed  with  new  strength.

In Jesus Name we pray.


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