May 10, 2023

You Will Be Blessed - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today the special word of God for you is taken from the book of Deuteronomy 28:3, “Blessed shall you be, in the city and blessed shall you be in the country.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Lord says, in the above verse that you will be blessed in the city and you will be blessed, in the country. At the moment You may be living in a city, or a town or a village, or even in a foreign country. The meaning of this verse is that God shall bless you wherever you are. You shall be blessed inside the city and also when you go out of the city. Whether you are in the city, village or remote village or abroad in any foreign country anywhere in the world God will come in search of you and will bless you. Some of you are thinking that only if you live in a city you can thrive. Only In a city there is means of living. Don’t ever think in this manner. As per this verse today the Lord is saying you shall be blessed in the city, or in the town, or in the village. Anywhere for that matter. Even if you are living abroad; God says that He will bless you. Usually children in the village will say, after completing their education, well there is no company or factory or any other industry or IT sectors, where we can get a job and make our living. So they feel only if they go to some city like Chennai, or Bangalore, they can get a job. They think that they will survive only if they go to a city. Many move from villages and come to the cities for their survival. God blesses them.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, But think of those who are unable to come over to the city and stay back in the village, how do they survive there? God blesses them too in the village. Even in the villages God has maintained many rich and wealthy men and women of great status. There are many millionaires living in the villages. Wherever you may be, it is only the Lord who can bless you. But you need to decide as to where you should live, and for this you need to ask the Lord for His guidance regarding your settlement. Usually people settle in the place where they secure a good job. Ask the Lord, “Shall I go to that city or shall I go abroad to that country, what is your will for me Lord? God will direct your steps. One who goes to America sometimes lives in poverty and one who lives in a village lives the life of a Zamindar.

I happened to meet a brother. He had come for counseling and I was surprised when he asked me to pray for his daughter who was living in America. He said, “Bother please pray for her to come out of her poverty situation.’’ I was very much surprised because until that time I thought all that went to USA would do well in life. He further said that he was sending money month on month for her. Then I asked him whether his daughter was studying or working. He said that she was working yet she was not able to manage her family with her salary.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Then I enquired about his son in law. He said that his son in law was under the dependent Visa of his daughter. And he has not secured a job in America. I was shocked to hear all his troubles. Usually we have heard that children send money from abroad, but in his case, he was sending money for his daughter. Not only that if someone was in America, under the dependent Visa, then there are many rules and regulations in the American Government, and also certain restrictions they had to face. So finally I said to that Brother I would pray for his daughter. I prayed to the Lord, that God should make a way, for the father, from this month onwards to bring about an end to send money for his daughter. I said to the Lord “You said that You will bless your children inside the city and in the country. And that the daughter should be capable to handle her family on her own. I also prayed that the son in law in America should soon secure a good job in America. By the grace of God, I was told later, that a way had been opened for the son in law that he too had the position, to work in American Government, with dependent Visa. So he also secured a job and I came to know recently that now they are able to send some money to their home. Today wherever your children may be situated, whether they suffer from poverty, or for want of money, they get their salary but they are not able to manage their family. Or they may be having much expenditure, just submit your problem to the Lord. If today your expenditure is reduced then you will be able to save some money.

Dear Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading the message in the name of Jesus.Lord I pray for all those children who are living in the city and are saying, that their income is insufficient and are planning to leave to other state, or go back to their village for a better living, or to go abroad, I submit all of them as per this verse into the hands of the Lord. Lord you said, “Blessed shall you be, in the city and blessed shall you be in the country.” According to this verse, I pray, that you will settle them in the place where You want them to be and help them to make a better living. I pray that God will open doors for them to do well in life. And I pray that whatever may be the hurdles that block the progress of their life, may be shattered and nullified in the name of Jesus. Keep them away from all unnecessary expenditure, and take much care over them. Make them to flourish and keep them from all debts and help them to save many baskets of leftover. Stop every form of poverty and debts from today. Open the walls of heaven and help them to prosper in every way.
In Jesus Name We pray.

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