June 27, 2022

You Shall Be The Pride Of God - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious life giving word of the  Lord, for  today  is  from  the  book  of  Isaiah 60:15, ‘I will make you the everlasting pride and the joy of many generations’.

Everlasting pride refers to an everlasting promotion. It is an honour. The Lord does not want you to be in a high position for a few days and then fall down to a lower level. You would have heard some say, ‘He has lived a lavish life and now he has ruined himself’.” He has lost everything and has become poor.  Once  I had  been to Sri Lanka for ministry. I was taken to a house by a brother who worked there.  I asked the brother,   to whose house are we going? He told that’ I am taking you to the house of a person who lived a lavish life and is now ruined’. When I went to the house of this person who lived a lavish life, I came to know that he was a great businessman. His house was marvellous. It was an honourable house. Now, he was living for rent in the same house he had built and owned. He was at the peak of debt. He could not clear  the debt, so the lenders took over the house. But he had managed to make them agree that he would pay rent and stay in the same house. 

I prayed for this family, and said ‘Lord, give another chance for them’. The Lord told, ‘I will restore all that you lost’. When he heard this word, the man was astonished. He said, I have debts in crores. How will I restore this house? The financiers tried to force him to give the house, but he had not given it. It was a house he had built with great desire. I told him, ‘ The next time I come to Sri Lanka,  this house that you are paying rent right now, will be restored back to you’. For that the Lord will give you a great blessing in your export business. The blessings of a servant of God will come true. Isaiah 65:8, says, ‘As when juice is still found in a cluster of grapes and people say, don’t destroy it, there is still a blessing in it. So will I do on behalf of my servants, I will not destroy them all’. In the eyes of the Lord, the prayer of a servant of God is special. The servant of God will stand as a bridge between God and man and pleads to God and prays just like Moses. So, I prayed at his home and left. Do you know what happened? The Lord caused him to shine in the same business  and within a year he settled crores   of debts and restored his house. The next year when  I went there, he took me around for ministry for ten days. The reason why  I am saying this,  is that the Lord will bless those of you   who have spent  a lavish life before and later   have   ruined   yourself.   That is the everlasting pride. Everlasting pride refers to a permanent promotion or permanent honour. The Lord desires for us to have it. But sometimes, our actions snatch it away. But what does today’s verse say? Everlasting pride! The Lord will bless you with everlasting pride.

Prayer: Loving Lord, we thank you! You have said, ‘I will make you an everlasting honour’. For those who have lived a lavish life and have been ruined, may they receive a permanent blessing.  Break all obstacles and bless their business, their work and ministry. Restore to them all that they have lost. By your grace, give them the blessing of offspring and generations. Bless them to live happily.

 In Jesus Name we pray.


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