July 19, 2023

You Shall be Carried - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you
all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today’s auspicious word is taken from the book of Isaiah 66:12, “On her sides shall you be carried. And be dandled on her knees. “

God who carries us, God carries us, Just as the father carries his child on his shoulder. Wherever you go the Lord will carry you. When God carries you He will carry your problems too. He will carry your debts too. He will carry your shame . In case someone is taking you in his cart, God will carry all the weight that is in your pocket, the weight in your hand, and the basket, which you have with you. All these things will be carried by the cart. It will not carry only you, your weight of the dress. In case one carries me, then he has to carry my purse, which will be about 100 grams. Now you will find the mike in my pocket. The mike fits beautifully in my color, He has to carry this weight also. He cannot separate you, and then separate your burden, and God will not carry you alone . The weight of a purse or mike is nothing when compared to the burden you carry in your heart. The weight of your heart. All these the lord is carrying. When He carries all these things, and later when He wants to put you down, he will remove all the burdens and then he will let you free. God is not pleased that you should go about or live your life, carrying all these burdens.

The burden in your heart, the stress, the worries, the difficulties, the longingness, seeing all your burdens He is going to change, and do a miracle for you. When I was a lad I noticed a stand-like structure erected in certain locations in our village. There will be two pillars over which a long stretch of stone will be placed over, on which people would keep their burden which they carry either to the market or while they are on a journey to another place. So when their neck pains, they place the weight of the basket or luggage on that long stone, and rest for a while. Then they will continue their journey. It is known as the Load bearing stone. And these will be found in our villages in those days, but nowadays we don’t find them. My dear children of God, they wish to rest a while by placing the weight on the stone, to be free from off their necks or hips. The one, who acts as the Load bearing stone, is our Lord Jesus Christ who carries our weight permanently. So this morning place all the burdens of your heart upon Him. The Word of God says, “All those who labor and are heavy laden, Come unto me and I will give you rest.” In the catholic Bible it says, those children who are weary of carrying your burdens come unto me. Unload your burden upon Me, then I will give you rest and peace, says the Lord. That same God is saying today to leave all the burden on Him. The burden of your debts, your burden of shame, and dishonor, the burden concerning your court case, the burden of depression, burden of failures, Place everything at the feet of the Lord. Because he has said, You shall be carried, on His sides. In order that you should not carry all the burdens, God Himself has carried all your burden on the cross . The burden of sin, the burden of curse, the burden of your debts and the burden of your disease, all have been borne by Jesus on the cross. So hereafter you need not carry the burden anymore. God is going to give you a life of wellness without any burden.

Secondly He says in this verse, “ You shall be dandled on her knees. “I still remember mothers carrying their babies on their knees by stretching out their legs and by shaking or rocking their legs they would put their children to sleep. Nowadays, cradles are made like toys, but don’t know how best those cradles can dandle your babies and cause them to sleep. The difference between mothers rocking their children on their knees by stretching their legs, and rocking the children through the toy cradles is that, the heat of the mother from her legs, a kind of heat with much love, will touch the back of the child while she rocks or shakes the baby. But the toy cradles cannot emit the original heat that emerges from the mothers body, such comfort is unavailable to the present generation. But God says He will dandle you on his knees. That means that He will keep you in comfort. So those children who never get sleep, God will dandle on His knees and cause you to sleep. That means God is going to rock you on his knees and give you a comfortable life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank You. Lord, I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message. Lord may you satisfy your children with goodness and joy according to the days they have seen evil days, or have been afflicted. Lord you have said that you shall carry on your hip, all the burdens of your children, which they are unable to carry. All their burden of debts, burden of shame and humiliation, burden of failures. Burden of sin and curse, You have carried all these burdens on the cross, so hereafter your children need not have to carry the burden any more. Hereafter the Lord gives them a comfortable life and grants them a happy, healthy and beautiful life and makes them achievers. Let them rise and shine. In Jesus Name we Pray. Amen.

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