May 16, 2023

You Shall Be A Fortified City - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The special word of God for you today, is taken from the book of Jeremiah 1:18, “For Behold I have made you this day, A fortified city and an iron pillar and bronze walls against the whole land.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God wants you to be a fortified city. A well protected city. The city is like a fort surrounded by moat, in order to keep the people living inside the fort to be safe and secure. Moats are deep trenches around fort walls that were filled with water. They were constructed so that enemies could not enter the city within the fort walls.God desires to keep your family safe and secure within the fortified city with many luxurious rooms. With a hedge of protection made by God Himself. And God wants to bless you in this manner such that no evil things will enter into the city. No power of black magic, or witchcraft and sorcery can attack the people living in this fortified city. God is protecting the walls of the fort in such a way that no power of any evil force can enter into the city. So don’t fear whether someone will do any sorcery or witchcraft against you, or sorcery against you or any black magic against you or any evil thing against you. Don’t be worried whether the Devil will enter your house or some disease will enter your house. God is there to protect you. No one will be able to enter into the fort since the Lord has put fencing around your house. God is assuring you of your safety.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, You might think that there are certain evil spirit already inside the fort troubling you, the moment God puts a fence around your palace, then immediately all the evil spirits will disappear from your house. Even the weapons formed against you will be destroyed. God will destroy them and He will bring the presence of God inside your palace to keep you safe. Therefore be happy. God has given you good protection; He has given your children a very good protection. Wherever your children may be the Lord who is a God both near and far off will protect your children too. Not only will that He be a pillar of fire. God says, I will make you as pillar of iron. You might have been in fear all these days. In the past days, Even if you happen to hear a harsh sound you will get afraid.You may even go and hide yourself.

So God says I will make you as strong pillar of Iron. So hereafter God is going to make you as an iron pillar and He will perfect, establish and, settle you. The iron pillar denotes strong and sturdy and steady mind. So that you may not fall, even if a storm should attack you. God is going to make you as strong and sturdy iron pillar. It won’t even fall if a heavy wind blows due to storm. You are going to stand strong as a hard pillar, that you may be bold and steady in mind. It talks about your boldness and strong mindedness. And your faith will also become strong. You won’t easily fall in faith. You will stand erect with strong roots, deep inside the earth and will remain unmovable. God will make you so strong that no one can easily cause you to fall.
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Evil people or evil things cannot shake you, at any point of your life. And no weapon formed against you can prosper or attack you and every tongue that speaks against you will be put down. Finally God will change your house with bronze walls against the whole land. The specialty of Bronze metal is that it will not become rusty. The bronze metal cannot be easily broken. It will not break and easily fall down. So even if someone wants to destroy your life they will not be able to destroy your fort built of bronze walls. God is going to make your wall as strong as the wall made of bronze. As per the verse which says, the person who hits against the mountain will hurt himself and fall down, the people who try to dash against your fort or your family will be shattered. The person who hits against the bronze wall will be hurt himself. They will not be able to destroy you at any cost. I Thank the Lord for all the three things regarding your life.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank you. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message. Lord the children of God need a strong fort to protect them. We thank you Lord for making them as a fortified city and an iron pillar, with bronze walls against the whole fort. Lord you are going to protect them from the eyes of evil people, from unwanted issues, from sorcery and witchcraft, and from black magic, and divination, from all the evil plan of the wicked, from harmful animals, from all evil reptiles and harmful insects. We thank You Lord for giving them safety and security. Protect all the children and their children wherever they may be living, outstation or abroad. Keep them from all harm and danger, from all loss and financial deficit. Give them faith like the iron pillar; Let them see your glory. And as a result, all the poverty and famine be uprooted from their lives. Let there be a change in everything. Let peace be within the walls and prosperity be within their palaces.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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