March 1, 2023

“You Must Behave courageously.” - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ. On this day, the 01st of March it is a great pleasure to meet you all
through this message. I believe that all of you are happy in the Lord. We hope, and
pray that God will set all things well for you. God says, surely there is an end and your hope will
not be lost. God has planned to do many good things in your life. Your desire will come to pass.
I also wish that you will be blessed in all things and live happily. The auspicious word of God that
comes to you for today, is taken from the book of 2 Chronicles 19:11, “Behave courageously and
the Lord will be with the good.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Many of you are thinking that two months have gone by so far
nothing has happened. Will the Lord do something in this third month at least? God
encourages all such people by saying “Behave courageously and the Lord will be with the
good.”All we have to do is to be good and at the same time be courageous. Then things will fall in
place. God wants you to be courageous and steady in mind. Since you failed to have a steady
mind you have not been successful in all that you tried to move forward in life. As a result you
ran into many problems. So today God is going to give you a steady mind. God is telling you be
steady and do all things then all things will work for your good. Never be confused in what you
do. Usually when a person makes a decision or tries to do something while he is confused then
nothing good will happen instead all things will be spoiled. It will only bring failure in life. This is
a simple matter which everyone would know. So it is better to avoid starting or make a decision
while you are in a confused state of mind. Once your mind is steady then you can do your work,
Now you keep quite.This is what people will generally tell you. That is what the Bible also tells
you. That you need to have a steady mind and do your work. Whatever you do there should be
steadiness of mind in what you do.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Another term for steadiness of mind is trust. You need to trust
yourself that you shall be able to do the task before you start doing anything. It all depends on
your mind. How strong or how weak you are in a particular matter with regard to your mind.
The more you are steady minded then your task which you do will be very successful. Today
God is saying you need to be good and righteous before God and do things sincerely with
a steady mind then God will make you successful in all your endeavour. So because of unsteady
mind, you might have incurred great loss, failure and therefore you may be very discouraged
and in deep despair. But God is always ready to encourage you by His word. Saying “Be
courageous.’’ Maybe you have got into huge debts. And you are wondering as to how you will
come out of it. You might be wondering as why did all this happen and then you will realize that
whatever decision you have taken was while you were in a confused state of mind and not when
you were clear about yourself. Today God is removing your attitude of confusion and giving you
a steady mind. A spirit of steadiness is given to you by the Lord today.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God is removing from you the cowardliness or timidity of nature
and is giving you the spirit of boldness today. God is giving you a steady mind. Some of the
children will not have a steady mind in their studies. Some will not be steady in their work. Many
servants of God will not be steady in their ministry. They will keep on changing their mind.
Will it be like this or like that, and they may try to reach out to something flying in the sky,
rather than doing what is available to them. So they will be trying many things. This thing and
that thing. Finally they would not have done anything worthwhile. What God is trying to tell
you is that whatever you do, do it well with all your strength. Then you will be successful. Pray
to the Lord and then start working on a project. Once you hold the plough then you should not
turn back, but enter the field and work on it if you desire to do well. If you follow this method
then God will remain with you and help you to do well in life. In whatever field it may be.
Whether, in studies, or in your job, or in your business, in your ministry regarding your
marriage, whatever it may be. Keep your mind steady and do things meticulously. Only then
your life will be steady.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, You might have heard people say, well the life of my son, or
daughter, is still unsteady. They have no steady income. Their job is still not permanent, or
steady in job. All this is because of your unsteady mindset. In case you got a job, do it sincerely
may be your beginning is small, never mind God will help you to expand and bless you in
abundance. Accept your small job and work sincerely, love your work and do it
wholeheartedly ,with much involvement, then God will bless you. Whatever you do, you must
do it with pleasure. Then your work will seem easy and not laborious. Do it with faith in your
heart that God will bless your work. Then you shall be rewarded. God says, “Israel return to
your fortress. God will give you a double portion of blessing and that He will give it today itself.
When you do things with a steady mind then you will receive the support of God. If you are
confused then God cannot support you, as He is not a God of confusion. Therefore you need to
be bold. You need to have godly faith in you. Then God will be with you ,help you and
whatsoever you do, shall prosper. All things will happen.

On this day the 1 st of March, ask God to give you that steady mind. We see in the Bible Gideon was timid.
But God sent him to battle and he emerged successful because he became steady in mind as God himself encouraged him.
Today God is encouraging you to be courageous and bold in what you do. So never be
discouraged by the month that has just completed. Look forward to doing well in the coming
month with a steady mind and positive approach.

Prayer: Lord, we thank you. Lord, I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name
of Jesus. Lord in this new month you have directly spoken saying that we need to have a steady
mind and also be courageous. If we do anything with steadiness of mind trusting that it will
happen and then put up hard effort then the Lord will help us to be successful. . Lord, I pray that you will bless all those who are reading this message. You
have also said that God will be with the person who is good in life. Help all the children to be
good, bold and courageous. If there is someone who has worked in his wicked ways, and had
wasted their money and time, Lord, I pray for such kind of people to have a stable and steady mind
to carry out their work more diligently. Change such wicked people and make them to be good
and righteous before God. Anoint them to be holy and blameless. In case they have been wicked
all these days, then may they realize their wrong doings and turn from their wicked ways and
return to God. Having received the newness in life and having been anointed grant to them a steady
mind and cause them to be successful in life. Help them to have faith and trust in the Lord. May
God be with them in the plans they make and help them to execute their plans more
effectively. Let their education, job, business and their ministry give them profit. They may say we
planted olive tree but it never gave fruit, we then planted the fig tree but that tree also never gave
any fruit. We planted the vine but it never gave any fruit, the pomegranate tree also never
gave fruit. Yet you said that you will bless them. So from today I pray and let blessings rest upon
the head of every individual who is reading this message. Help them to prosper in all that they
do. Let all barriers be broken and may all good and auspicious events take place in their homes.
May they be filled with joy and gladness.
In Jesus Name We pray.

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