May 22, 2023

You Are Chosen By God - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The special word of God for you today is taken from the book of Numbers.17:5, “ And it shall be that the rod, of the man, whom I choose, will blossom.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, You should belong to the list of children chosen by God. There is another verse which says, “ Many are called but very few are chosen. “That means you should belong to the selective section of people in the list. That Day God selected Aaron to be the high priest to burn incense in the altar before God. Aaron was a man chosen to do His ministry. There were many others who were appointed in the service of God, along with Moses. Among the twelve tribes, Levi was one of the tribe. And Aaron was chosen as the high priest from the tribe of Levi. There was a question as to who should be the high priest. So many had thrown their rods but only the rod chosen of God budded. It was the rod of Aaron who was the chosen high priest of God. His rod alone budded indicating to the children of Israel, that Aaron was the chosen high priest of God. Thus by selecting Aaron, God closed the mouth of the Israelites who were murmuring over the selection of Aaron.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God brought a solution to the problem of the Israelites. My Dear Children of God if we discuss about this matter then it will take a lot of time. God wants me to share with you only the matter that is necessary. A particular matter has not come to an end . Wondering if this matter is yours. And to ensure that this matter is your matter only God has taken certain step. God is causing your rod to bloom before others and making it known to everyone that you are the chosen one or the selected one by God. God is proving that you are the chosen one. Actually as testimony they placed 12 rods. But only the rod of Aaron budded, His rod was a dry one but during the night God let it bloom and it budded with shoots and flowers. Aaron’s rod didn’t just sprout buds; it brought forth flowers and fruit, a clear demonstration of the power of the One who gives life.

Today God is looking at you and saying that your business will bloom. Your ministry will bloom. Your education will bloom. Your anointing will bloom and your health will improve and you shall bloom and be healthy. You may be like the dry and withered tree. But today during the night time, the period of your blooming season has started. Tomorrow morning when you wake up you would have budded and flowers would have bloomed all around you. The word of God came to pass. Similarly a great blessing is awaiting you.

Prayer : Dear Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message today. Lord you said that the rod which I have chosen will bloom and bud. Lord all those who are reading this message are chosen by you Father. List the names of all your children. They will be many thousands Oh Lord. Let them all see their names included in the list and help them all to bloom and bud. Let their wealth bloom, let their income bloom, let there be a growth in the conception of children. May generations bloom and bud. May the anointing of your children bloom. May their prayer life bloom and bud. Lord give them a season of blooming in their life. According to the word, which says, “Then Your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily.’’ In this manner your Light will break forth like the morning and let healing spring forth speedily in the life of all the children of God. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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