June 14, 2022

TREASURE  - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved in Christ,    I greet and bless you all in the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious life giving word of the Lord, for today is from the book of   Proverbs 15:6, “In the house of the righteous there is much treasure.”

The Lord through the above verse says that in the house of the righteous there will be much treasure.   Treasure means wealth. Various types of wealth are considered to be treasures. Priceless wealth is called treasure. Some of you are thinking that there is no proper mat or pillow to sleep on  in my house,  Not even a plastic chair to sit.  Then where will I go for treasures? Since many of you don’t have such things in your home, this   word of God comes to comfort you. You know very well that you don’t have these essential things in your home. So God is sending you this living word of God to make you feel rich and wealthy. The Lord will first give you a word. After that he will fulfil what He has spoken by his mouth through His hands. So the Lord is going to pour great wealth into your homes to help you reset up a great treasury.  You have been taking great measure to improve the status of your life. But those efforts did not support you. So today the Lord wants you   to do well in life and   hence He has come down to support you. Therefore take hold of his helping hands and move on to your business centre, to  the place of your ministry , your work  spot, your schools, college , or for any  other purpose, Because  God is waiting to assist you through someone that you might do well in life.  Glorious things will happen.

 There is a saying which goes  like this, “ If God wants to give you wealth, then he will tear the roof of your house and pour it in. ” But  Only the righteous will receive the wealth from God because the verse says,  “Great treasures will be there in the house of the righteous.”  What will happen when the treasures will come into the house of the righteous? There will be no debts. There will be surplus income. There will be extraordinary blessings. The righteous person in turn will give the needy. 

There is a proverb in the midst of our people which says,  that the well from which we draw water,  the more we draw water from it, springs of water will keep flowing from the well. That means we must keep drawing water out of the well and give it to others. Only then the level of water in the well will keep rising. Likewise share your blessings with others, the poor,  the widow and the fatherless.  Always support all those who struggle in their life.  Then  you shall receive treasures from heaven.  So from today the Lord will cause your treasury to overflow. And will thus enable you to help others. Until today you have stretched out your hand to receive from others. But hereafter the Lord will help you to stretch out your hand to help others.

Prayer: Holy Father, I  whole    heartedly bless my children  to have a prosperous future. You said that there is great treasures in the house of the righteous.   So let the children become more righteous and leave all their wicked ways, and help them to preserve their treasures. May they learn to help the poor from their wealth, income and treasures. Give them good intentions that it is not enough for them to enjoy the wealth God has given them but that they should help others. I bless them to inherit the goodness of the Lord, and also receive the blessing of the Lord. Please perform miracles for them. 

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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