December 5, 2023

Today Is Your Turn - Bro. T. Stephen

My beloved children in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am delighted to meet you all on this day, December 5th, through this daily Auspicious Word Message. May God Bless you!

Let us read the Mangala Vaarthai the Lord has for us today, 1 Samuel 2:8 “He raises the poor from the dust And lifts the beggar from the ash heap.” I am being belittled, my family considers me insignificant, I have no education, I have no talents or skills; I have no beauty; I have no status. Where am I going to progress? Where am I going to rise? This is how my life is going to pass by in difficulty. You are sitting this morning with an inferiority complex lamenting. Nothing good will happen to me. I am never going to achieve anything. I am always going to be in this state. Children of God who are in such a narrow circle, a Mangala Vaarthai for you today, as God has come in search of you. Have you been belittled? Are you considered insignificant? Are you the last in everything? Today is your turn.

The Lord says I will raise you from the ash heap to the mountaintop. In the Bible we see that David’s siblings were all working in the army, in a government job, only David was a shepherd. But a day came when God found David who was abandoned, and considered insignificant by his brothers, and made him to be seated with Kings and Princes gave him royal status. Today He will do the same for you. Perhaps you are the only one who is in the backward state in your family, the last position God meets you today. The God who met David has come today to meet you. David who was wandering with the sheep was raised to become the King by God. This God has come to meet you.

Today it is your turn. First, get rid of the inferiority complex. This inferiority complex is a sign of unbelief. But the Bible says, if you have faith, you will see the glory of God. You should have a faith in you. If you have the hope that God will certainly exalt you one day, your hope will not be cut off. God will exalt you. You don’t need any eligibility, wisdom, or knowledge. What does a shepherd know? But God helped him to rule Israel successfully for forty years. He will help you also. Whatever your field, God can exalt you in any field. If I had gone into that field, I would have become famous, unknowingly I took this course, and I studied this education. Your prominence is not in these things. For the Lord’s gaze to fall upon you, what character do you possess? Because the Lord’s gaze fell on David, God raised him. Seated him among Kings and Princes. What did the Lord like in him? He had the good habit of continuously praising God. He had a good habit of singing songs and worshipping God. What qualities do you possess that will impress the Lord? Tell that character. God will come in search of you if that quality exists. Henceforth in this festive season, for Christ to be born in your hearts, submit yourself to the qualities that will impress Christ. What did God like in Joseph? Why did God raise Joseph from jail to become the ruler of Egypt? Because God liked his holiness a lot. That is the reason God exalted him. Likewise, God changed Daniel who was a cupbearer in the King’s Palace into a district collector. He had a character that God liked. He prayed three times a day praising God. He did not defile his body where God dwells. Hence God exalted him to become the district collector of Babylon. If you desire to progress like this, imbibe the good qualities the Lord desires. Maintain good character. God will exalt you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank You. Lord, You raise the poor from the dust And lift the beggar from the ash heap, To set them among princes. Those who are watching this program while crying that they are unable to progress Lord lift them up. Raise those who are saying there is no one to lift me up, encourage them, and cause them to be seated in exalted positions. I pray that you will make them be seated among Kings, Princes, and government officials. Thank you for breaking every barrier and stumbling block. I humbly submit each one of them to the God who makes them to be seated upon thrones. May all hindered joyous occasions happen in each one of their families. Auspicious events take place. May glorious things happen, and glorious events take place in their families. Let every struggle and barrier be removed in Jesus Name. May God’s love and revelation be expressed in the entire family. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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