June 21, 2023

The Lord Will Fulfill - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today’s auspicious word is taken from the book of Psalms 20:5, “May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.” God will fulfill all the desires of your heart.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God will fulfill all the petitions which you have placed before God, regarding your children. Regarding their educations, their jobs, their future, their marriage settlement, and regarding the birth of their children’s children. All these things are known to God as well. Your petitions offered to God are many in number. It looks as if all the petitions are waiting in a queue. Nothing has been fulfilled. It looks as if they are all in a queue, like a traffic jam. All your petitions are pending. I see in my spiritual eyes, that all your petitions are standing before God, like traffic jam. God is going to release all your petitions today as if opening a tap. God is going to go through all your petitions and reply them one by one, and breaking down all the barriers, He is going to bless you by fulfilling all your petitions.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, kindly note down all that I say as I just received in my vision from God. And all this will come to pass in the life of your children. The petitions are like arrows being shot or aimed at one after another. Such as the education of your children, future of your children, and perhaps the struggle and difficulties of your children. The sorrows which they bear at times, and all other things pertaining to your children. All these things should be made known to God with prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving. So let your requests be made known to God in prayer and supplication. All your petitions are standing at one particular point as if they are at halt in a traffic jam. They seem to be stagnant at one point before the presence of God. Your life itself has come to a halt. Without moving any further. Nothing happened so far. Nothing has been fulfilled as of now, is your cry or feeling of sorrow. God is about to release or respond to all your petitions one after another. So today you are going to receive, all the blessings in your life. For which you have been longing all this while. As per todays auspicious word God will fulfill all the desires of your heart. He will surely fulfill all your desires. Whatever good events that did not take place, in your family all these days, will begin to happen, because God himself has intervened in your affairs. God has come down or descended, to perform all good things for you. He has come right into your house. You might have been thinking, “Who will do it for me? Or who will stand by my side and do this for me. There is no one to help me.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, You had many such questions in your mind. Well not others eyes but your own eyes shall see what God is going to do for you. On that day when Ruth went out with her mother in law, Naomi a widow, to Bethlehem, there was no one besides her mother in law. She was the only person who went with Ruth. Both of them were widows. There was no one else to support them. But since she, came under the refuge of the God of Israel, The Lord repaid her work and a full reward was given to her by the Lord God of Israel. I pray that all of you like Ruth should come under the refuge of the God of Israel. Then, you also shall receive a full reward for all your petitions which you have sent to the Lord. Therefore God is going to perform a miracle with regard to your children’s job, Some of you are saying, my son or daughter has completed their education but still they have not secured a good job. Therefore they are still unsettled in life. God will not only provide jobs for them but also give them good life partners and help them to settle beautifully. He will also help them to be blessed with children. God is going to clear and sanction all the petitions. That you have applied to Him as prayer requests. Thus God will fulfill all the desires of your heart.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank You. Lord I pray for all the children who read this message in the name of Jesus. Lord regarding the spiritual life and the worldly life of your children, about their education, their jobs, their future, their family life, and about their descendants. Regarding all these matters parents have sent their petitions to you Lord believing that you would help them. We are thankful to You Lord since all the petitions have been kept opened before you or has been exposed for you to see them. Lord you have promised in your word that you will fulfill all the desires of your children. So according to your word, I pray that all their petitions be answered. Grant them their requests. In case someone is crying saying that their younger son, or daughter, has been affected with some kind of disease and that they are unable to enjoy their youth life, I pray earnestly that you will heal all such children. Seeing the tears of these parents, I pray that you who will fulfill all the desires of your children, will fulfill all their requests that they have made, with regarding to their children and help them live a happy life. May all the good events take place in their homes and their families without any hindrances. For those children who cry out saying that there is no one to conduct their marriages, I pray that you will stand by them and conduct their marriages for them. May they lead a peaceful and prosperous life in the future. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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