January 28, 2023

The Lord Will Fight for You. - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today, is taken from the book of Exodus 14:14,” The Lord Will Fight for You. And You shall Hold Your Peace.” From the above verse the Lord says, He will fight for you, and you will remain quiet and see what God will do for you who believe in His name. Some of you have fought a good fight all this while, but you have faced only failures. You have been defeated by your foes always. So the Lord is now looking at you and saying, “ I will fight for you. You simply hold your peace.” God is assuring you that He will fight your battle. So don’t worry. Rely on Him. You have fought with men folks, with people in authority at your work spot, but you have never won any battles. Having lost all your battles you are simply sitting not knowing what to do. You have fought many battles in your own personal life. You have become a complete failure. You are an utter failure in your education. You are a failure in your Ministry. Many of you reading this message have gone through only failure after failure. You are so depressed and heartbroken because of your current state of life. So, God is saying, “Hereafter you don’t fight, I will fight for you.” You cannot fight alone, all by yourself. Even if you fight, you will only face loss and defeat. Fight or quarrel will always cause enmity. If you remain silent then God will fight for you. All you need to do is to share your problem with Him, tell Him that you are going through certain problems in your life. When God fights for you, He will bring a good solution to your problem.
Dear Beloved, in order to spoil your name, many people could have made several false statements against you. You remain silent and tell the Lord about it. If you fight or quarrel, of your own accord with others, then you are sure to spoil your name and reputation. God is teaching you a good lesson through this message. Learn from Him how you need to handle the situation, in your personal and social life. In the past we see that the Lord Himself fought for the people of Israel, against the Egyptians. When God fights, He does not need sword, knife and other weapons. When the people of Israel were suffering in the midst of the sea, the Lord just gave a sharp look at the Egyptians army. With His very look the chariots and the army were totally distorted and the wheels of the chariots went rolling away into the deep waters. The horses couldn’t move forward. They cannot go forward, because the Look of God was very powerful and frightening. The wheels of the chariots went hither and thither. The army fled helter skelter and finally got drowned into the sea. On seeing all this happening, the Egyptian Army realised that the God of Israel was fighting for His chosen people. So they knew that they will not be able to fight against the Israelites. Therefore, we see that the Egyptian army fled from there for fear of the Israelites. Many were drowned in the sea. So in case you have enemies through different forms, in different locations where you are put up, then remember that the Lord will fight for you. Forgive all of them and allow God to fight for you. Then you shall enjoy peace with all, including the so-called enemies. From today onwards let the Lord fight for you. Never fight with anyone in your study centre, in your business centre, in your neighbourhood, in your place of work, in the place of your ministry or any other place. If you happen to get yourself involved in a petty quarrel then try to calm yourself, and move away from that place, that person. You don’t confront with them. God will fight for you. You hold your peace. Just commit your problem to the Lord. He will make it to pass.

Prayer: Lord we thank you. We believe that there is a God, who will fight and judge and bring justice for us. For which we take pride in our God and also thank Him for His goodness. In case your children have fought with someone and have lost in their battle, and have spoilt their name also, and have gained weakness in their body because of this reason, then I pray that You will forgive them of their wrong doings and enable them to enjoy again a peaceful atmosphere. Give them a family feeling of being knit together. Help them all to have a friendly relationship with all the people in the neighbourhood, however bad they might be. Hereafter help them to submit all their problems in the hands of the Lord and allow You to solve all their hard situations. May the Lord go before and fight for their good cause and do justice for them. Help them to regain all that they have lost in their life.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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