October 28, 2020

The Lord Will Bless You - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book, Haggai 2:19, “But From this Day forward, I will bless you.”

From the above context we learn that many farmers spoiled their good work, of farming by going about with unclean hands which means they failed to store seeds. for the next harvest., and hence  were likely to gain no advantage by their seeds.  The impurity of their hearts and lives shall make the work of their hands, unclean before God. The case is the same with us. When employed in any good work, we should watch over ourselves, lest we render it unclean by our corruptions. When we begin to make conscience of duty to God, we may expect his blessing; and who is wise will understand the loving-kindness of the Lord. God will curse the blessings of the wicked, and make bitter the prosperity of the careless; but he will sweeten the cup of affliction to those who diligently serve him.

Prophet Haggai says, that even in these last days of the month, ever since they had begun their work, there were no signs for the betterment of farming. There was yet no “seed in the barn,” the harvest having been blighted and the fruit-trees stripped by the hail that rained from above, there were no signs of change, no earnest sign  that the promise of God  should be fulfilled, But God pledges His word, by saying,  “from this day I will bless you,.”The Spirit of the Lord is looking at you and saying these words. “I will bless you from   today” which means, God is about to start, a new beginning from this day onwards. It is true that till yesterday there would have been much struggle in your life.

There had been a lot of failures till yesterday. What ever happened till yesterday let it go.  But whatever is to happen hereafter, will be for your good alone. That Is why God says, “ I will bless you from this day onwards.”  God does not say He will bless you alone but your family as well.  Your children might   be studying out station, or abroad.  Your husband will be working abroad. Your family may be living in different parts of the country due to various reasons,   wherever it may be the Lord will help them. God is going to bless you and your family.

Lets us see how your state of affairs was till yesterday. The verse raises a question? Is there seed still in the barn? The “seed” here represents the  investment  you could make in the future. Usually no one eats the seeds completely. They will eat only the grain, instead of the seeds. But in case you had eaten away the seeds also, then you will not have seeds for the next harvest. Usually every time the farmers harvest their crop, they store some seeds, for next plantation. Only the rest of the grain will be consumed by them are sold in the market for money. Till yesterday because of poverty you had taken the seed also and eaten away.  You seem to be vexed with your life because you could not make it big in life, like others.

Don’t lose hope in God. The bible says, for surely there is a here after, your hope will not be cut off.   You had borrowed from many creditors and all the banks possible.  You cannot borrow from anywhere   any further.  So God says, it is true that you had suffered much in the bygone days,  You had to go through terrible days in the past, and you had to live in the midst of much affliction. But Hereafter God wants to bless you, with a bright future. He says, He will contribute investment for you. He will provide seed for you to sow and bread for your food. He assures you by saying, that He will supply the needed seed   for you to sow, and also increase the seed you have sown, and cause you to prosper. Isn’t that wonderful?   What a God He is! He will fulfil the desire of your heart. He will neither forget you nor forsake you. He will soon wipe away your tears.  Your image or frame remains in the palm of God’s hand for ever.  Your walls are ever before Him. So be cheerful.  God bless you.

Prayer:   Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Thank You   Heavenly Father for watching over us and helping us in our helpless situation.   We  thank  you for providing   seed for sowing and also for providing bread for our food. And also increase the seed that we have sown, and cause us to prosper. Help us not to eat the seeds away but to store it for the next season of farming.

In Jesus name we pray,



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