September 10, 2023

The Lord Is Our Shepherd - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, the 10th. of September, It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May the Lord Bless you all. Take with me from the gospel of John 10:11, “I am the good shepherd.”

There are many shepherds. But when difficulties come there are shepherds who run away. When a wild animal attacks the sheep, there are many shepherds who run away just leaving the sheep to scatter away. In order to save themselves. But a good shepherd is one who is prepared to give his very life for the sheep. A good shepherd is one who does not care about his own life in saving his sheep. Today the Lord Jesus Christ is coming into your homes as a good shepherd. A good shepherd will lead you beside the green pastures. And near the still waters. A good shepherd leads his sheep to a green and fertile pasture to help his sheep to feed on the grass. A good shepherd will not leave his sheep and just stroll away. He will keep watching over his sheep all the time from afar. Even while the sheep are grazing on the meadows he will keep a watch over them. Moreover he will watch them standing from a distance, while they drink water too. But there are some irresponsible shepherds who will let the sheep go astray or let them graze on the fields and they will go far away and waste away their time, failing to keep watch over the sheep. We read in the Bible that David, who was tending his father’s sheep, handed over the sheep to some other shepherd and then in obedience to his father, he took some food for his brothers who were in the battle field.

His father gave some food and grains for his brothers to eat as food. David was not a careless person to leave the sheep just like that and go away to do another job that was given to him. Since he was a very responsible shepherd, God made him the king of Israel. My dear children of God, you need to be responsible in the work that is committed to you. You must be honest in a few things only then God will make you authoritative over many things. Today the Lord who says, “I am the good shepherd, and since He is merciful to you, He will lead you beside the still waters, In a good and green land filled with green pasture. In a job with good income, God is going to take you there. You are not going to be any more hungry, nor thirsty. Neither the sun shall strike you by the day nor the moon by night. Because the God who is merciful to you will lead you to a land where you can make a better income. And give you a job, or a business where you will do well. Hereafter you will not borrow but lend to many nations. God is going to bless the work of your hands. God will bless the effort you take with your hands. Maybe until yesterday you were stretching out your hands to help others. But hereafter God is going to change you in such a way that you will give to others in plenty. Today a miracle will happen. Until yesterday, you must have been at a loss, in your business. Until yesterday it was a situation where you thought that they would take you out of a job. But God will change everything and make you rich and wealthy. God will remove all poverty from you. He will take you beside the still waters. And lead you by the green pastures. With good income and prosperity He will lead you. Lord, we cannot see a good shepherd like you on the face of this earth. You are a good shepherd. You are a good shepherd who gave your very life.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank you. Lord I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message. Lord we cannot see a good shepherd like you on the face of this earth. You are a good shepherd. You are a good shepherd who gave your very life for the sheep. You are a shepherd who will protect your sheep, by giving your very life. Lord it is a great privilege to be your children and the sheep of your pasture. Lord even now as you lead us miraculously and wonderfully, and leading us to green pasture where we can make good income. Bless all those children who are planning and waiting to go abroad. Open ways and means for them to go to their destination. Let all the problems concerning their Visa come to an end. I some children have gone abroad to study and then they are on the lookout for job opportunity, and we pray for those parents who have borrowed money and taken loan from banks to educate their children. I pray for those parents who are in tears over their children for not being able to secure a job abroad, after their studies. And are so worried as they have spent in lakhs for their education. Open ways and doors for them to earn better income by leading them to the green and fertile pastures by the still waters. Open ways for them to serve abroad. Help them to receive good income in the jobs they work. And may they secure good government jobs too. Let them harvest many souls in their ministry and honor them. They should not suffer from poverty. They should not be in debts. They should be able to take the leftover in plenty. Open the doors of heaven and bless them.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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