January 9, 2021

The Lord Is Mindful Of Us - Bro. T. Stephen

I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  The blessed  word  that God  has  given  for  you  today  is  from the book of  Psalms 115:12, “The Lord has been mindful  of us. He will bless us.  He will bless the house of Israel. He will bless the house of Aaron.”

From the above context we learn that we are acquainted with God, in such a way that God is mindful of us. When God says, that He is mindful of us, then we can, be sure that we are special in the eyes of God. It is not great if your friend or your relative says that they are mindful of you. The greatest joy that we can posses, in our life, is that our God, who created us, is mindful of us. He remembers all the members of your family, He remembers even those who have gone out of your house due to various reasons or have backslidden from God. You might have forgotten them in your busy life but God remembers them. He says, how can I forget you? How can I forsake you? How can I commit you into the hands of strangers? He says, “I have shed My precious blood, to purchase you. Even if you run away from Me, I shall not let you go. “

I see in my spirit, the faces of many parents being enlightened, on hearing this word, that God is mindful of their sons, or daughters, who had run away from their house because of wrong life. They are wondering if God will even bless their children who had back   slidden and gone astray. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters God is mindful of them. He had pardoned all their sins and their iniquities. He remembers them no more. He has thrown them behind His back and buried   them deep into the sea. Since God is also mindful of them He will bless them. He will not leave them destitute. He is a God who left the ninety nine sheep and went in search of one lost sheep. You may be seven members in your family. And one of you might have gone astray. Your son or daughter might be caught up in a snare. They could have fallen into the miry clay of sin of any kind. They might be into drugs, into wrong life style, into alcoholisms, into all kinds of sinful activities. They are involved in sin, by their own good will and pleasure without any fear of the Lord. 

Such children do not care to respect their parents.   They are ruthless in achieving their wrong goals in life. They fail to understand the love of their parents who had slogged all their lives for their betterment. Though your son or daughter had wronged you,  yet God leaves behind the six good children and goes in search of the seventh one who had left your home. How will he  get him / her,  back? God will pick your child from the miry clay or the thorny bush of sin and would carry him/her on his shoulder around his neck and return back home. What a wonderful God we have. Halleluiah!  He always, remembers us in our lowly state.  . He is a God who hugs and embraces us. He remembers that one child of yours who went astray and goes after him/her and brings back like the shepherd who went after the lost sheep and brought it back home safely. Our God came to the earth to redeem that which was lost. I am sure that many children who have gone astray will come back to your home safely in the near future. 

I wish to share an incident that took place during my ministry  when I  went to Bangalore some years back. While preaching the word of God, suddenly I looked at a young brother who came to the meeting  and said, prophetically “Your Father will soon return back home.” The young man was sitting in tears listening to the preaching. When I spoke these words he did not know what to do. He knew that the prophetic word was aimed at him. After the meeting was over I  did not hear any news from that young brother. He had left home after the meeting. I was actually waiting for someone to tell me the revelation of the prophesy. But no one came on the first day.  But on the last day after  the meeting was over the young man came up to me and said, Sir, “  I waited   for the fulfilment of your prophesy and them come and tell you the outcome.”He continued saying “My father got lost in Kancheepuram. But came back safely to our home in Bangalore. How is this possible?   How can a man with a loss of memory return back home safely?  I was curious to hear all about his father. He said that it was several months since his father got lost in Kancheepuram.  His father does not remember how he reached Bangalore. The son did not know by which bus or train he had reached Bangalore. 

As soon as his father got down at Bangalore he saw a church across the road. He went into the church and sat in the door step. There the Pastor met him and asked his whereabouts. He learnt that his son resided in Bangalore and inquired the father if he had the phone number of his son? At a flash of memory the father quickly gave the pastor the phone number. Immediately the Pastor called out to his son who was in tears. On hearing the good news he rushed to the spot to meet his father. His father who suffered from loss of memory had absconded   several months back from Kancheepuram. That father would often go away, from their home due to loss of memory. So this young man as usual had lost his father and was crying in the meeting. God was mindful of his father. Though he was old and was suffering from loss of memory, God remembered him and the agony of the family members.  God brought  his father  back  home safely. Praise be to God. For He is mindful of Israel, He is mindful of Aaron. And He blesses both the small and great. God Bless You. 

Prayer: Our loving heavenly Father, we thank   You for this blessed day.  Lord we thank you for illustrating a  real incident to help us understand that God is mindful of us. And God is also mindful of our children who have backslidden. And had left  our home for various reasons. Thank You Lord for going after them and correcting them   and bringing them back to our home. We praise You Lord, for sending Your son to seek that which was lost. 

In  Jesus name we pray. 


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