September 2, 2023

The Lord Is Faithful - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, the 2nd of September, It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May the Lord Bless you all. Lets read, 2 Thessalonians.3:3, “But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you, and guard you, from the evil one.”

The Lord whom we worship is faithful. He is faithful in His words. And in action. He is faithful in fulfilling the promises of God. That God on this day firstly He is going to establish you. Secondly He says that He is going to guard you from the evil one. He is going to offer you two blessings, on the 2nd of September. God is going to place these two blessings on your head and bless you with. Firstly God says, He will establish you. Many do not have a steady mind. They do not have oneness of mind. They always think whether to do this or that. They will jump here and there and they will not be in a position to do anything in particular. You are running without any steady mind. Firstly God desires to give you a steady mind. He is going to steady your thoughts. He is going to steady your heart. Today if you focus or set your mind on something, you need to run behind it. If you run here and there then you can never achieve your goal. The number of children who run after their goal in their education, which they have set for themselves, has reduced. Because they do not have any steady mind. One of his friends will say “you need to become a doctor. Another friend will say, “ you need to become an engineer.” The fourth Another friend will say that he should become a collector. The fourth friend will say, No, you need to become a bank officer. Another person will say you need to become a military man. So you see how these friends influence their thoughts into this person, and how he stumbles and falters in fixing his mind steadily on his goal that he has selected .He should follow the will of God instead of listening to the suggestions of his friends. He should simply neglect their suggestions and fix his mind on what the Lord tells him. God desires that you should run after the goal He has set for you in your life.

Secondly God is establishing your income. He is establishing your anointing. It may be that for a while you were shining you were doing your ministry quite well but after sometime, without that anointing, and without the gifts of the holy spirit, it is no use of doing the ministry by simply standing. God’s children are supposed to do much more than what God did on the face of this earth, this is what the word of God says, So only if you are well established in the word of God and only if you are established in the anointing, you will be able to do good for the people, You will be able to be a blessing for the people continuously. So God expects you to be stabilized in your ministry. In your anointing.

Again the Lord says that He will guard you from the evil one. God in order to change the evil into good, God is separating you from the evil and is going to do you good. Joseph, who was experiencing the evil in his life, in the jail, God removed the evil from him and gave him a good position, and admired him. Today God is removing you from the evil in which you had been caught until today, and by doing good for you God is going to exalt you in a high position on the face of this earth. And God will admire you. All the evil concerning your debts will be cleared. God will guard you from the evil of your disease, God will guard you from all shame, and humiliation that you go through, And whatever evil that you had been experiencing till today, and the torture that you had been suffering from, God will help you to change them all for your good.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank You. Lord I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message, Lord I pray that you will establish them with a good job, and good anointing, and establish them in holiness, and by giving them the gifts of the holy spirit. Help them to rise and shine in their life. Their mind should not be oscillating from one side to another. For the word of God says, a double minded person will not be stable in anything. If there is anyone who is reading this message with double mindedness, God gives them a oneness of mind, and causes them to be steady. Help them to run the race that God has set for them to reach the goal. Let them run to achieve the goal which God has designed for them on the face of this earth. I bless them to be great achievers in their lives. Keep them away from all evil and guard them. Guard them from debts, from disease, from all kinds of cases, and from struggles, and from all shame and humiliation, Guard them and make them to be great achievers. Whatever things were there that brought shame to them, and for those who stand as symbols of shame, help them to live with good name and fame, and they should not be able to find where the shame had disappeared from. In that way I pray to God to lift them up and admire them. In Jesus Name We pray .

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