October 5, 2023

The Lord Has Covered you - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, October 05th. It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you all. Let’s read from the book of Isaiah 51:16 “I have covered you with the shadow of my hand.”

The Lord says that He has covered you by the shadow of His hands. Because many destructions had happened in your house, you might be wondering as to why this happened. Or why did God allow this to happen in your life. Thinking on these lines many of the children are lamenting or murmuring over these sad happenings. Some of you are crying due to the death of your beloved ones. Some of you are crying over the loss of your wealth and property. Some of you are crying because of your incurable disease, or the bondage of being trapped in some kind of witchcraft or black magic. Therefore God through this verse is revealing His protection for you, knowing that you need His protection over all kinds of danger that surrounds you. Your children, or your grandchildren, or your husband, or your wife in whichever country they may be, God’s lovely hand has been stretched out straight before them. God will cover them in the shadow of His hands. When danger or harm should befall them, then God will keep them hidden from the view of the enemy and He will protect them. Isaiah 26:20-21 says, Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by. He is a God who will keep you hidden and protect you from the wickedness, of divination, or from the bondages of evil spirit that tries to bind you.

God wants to protect you from the works of the evil one the Devil. He stretches His hand so that you may be covered with the shadow of his hands. Your dwelling place is in the hidden place of His striped hands. I am able to see with my spiritual eyes. Your children’s dwelling place, in the place of their business center. And in whatever matter the Devil has planned to destroy you. And from all those who have risen against you, to destroy you, and they say. I will somehow destroy you, I will kill you. I will not let you live. Whatever evil plans or evil people have framed many schemes against you , for various reasons, and they have taken vengeance, and they have pledged or taken an oath to do evil against you, God is protecting you from their veil schemes and plans which they have framed against you. God’s hand is saving you from all these harm and he has kept you in the cleft of the rock and is protecting you. He covers with the shadow of his hands. He will guard you and save you . He will keep you safe from all danger.

Today many of you have planned to go out on certain work. And are sitting and planning whether you would go by car, or by bus or by flight, or go walking straight away and complete the task. Whether you could go by auto, you are all thinking in this manner. You go in any vehicle, it is not a matter at all. But take God along with you. This verse says in a very lovely manner, that I have covered you with the shadow of My hands.” There will be enemies, There will be problems, there may be the works of the darkness, the evil one, But if you take God with you, then you will be safe. Your car will go safely in the shadow of His hand, Your bike will go very nicely, under the shadow of his hand. The vehicle in which you travel will go in the shadow of His hands, God will hide you, from the enemy from seeing you. The enemy will keep searching for you. He will make blind the eyes of the enemy, and take you wherever you should go and bring you back safely, to your house. And again continuously, God will protect you, in the secret place of the Most High, and You Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank you. Lord, I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message. Lord today all the children need or require special safety and protection. Lord they should be protected from the enemy so knowing all their needs, You say that You will hide them. Lord hide all the children from whom they should be hidden. From whose eyes, Lord you think that they should be kept hidden, please keep them hidden in their dwelling place. Save them very carefully in all their undertakings. Whether they go for work or to their education center, or for an interview, or for a medical checkup. Or to obtain their Visa. Lord hide them and cover them with your hands. So you take them safely and bring them back. Lord in the coming days let no plague shall come near their dwelling, nor evil shall befall them. Lord let everyone who comes against them in one way return in seven different ways. Let only good things happen to them. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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