May 16, 2024

She who believes is blessed - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the name of the Lord be glorified. On this day May 16th it is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home early in the morning through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you. The auspicious word for today, is taken from the book of Luke,1:45, “Blessed is she who believes. And what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God says, Blessed is she who believes. God has already told you many good things that could happen in your life. May Be throughPromises of God, visions, or through the prayers of preachers or evangelists, or through some elders. But the fulfillment of these promises will take place, according to our faith. The verse says, she who believes, she is blessed. The words God has spoken will be fulfilled. So those who believe will be blessed. There is another verse which says, They who believe shall see the glory of God. Only if you believe you will see what God Has said by his mouth and works through his hands, you shall see with your own eyes.

Today God is speaking through this man of God and what He says will be fulfilled in your life. When God sends His word, it will return back, only after it has accomplished the work for which it had been sent. So if there are desires that have not been fulfilled, and those things which have never been fulfilled, especially the plan of God, will all be fulfilled today and He will see your beauty and admire you.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, we thank you. You are a God who does what You say. In case the children do not have faith to receive the blessing and if their faithlessness has been a blockade in receiving the blessing, Today I shall pray that their faithlessness will be removed, and faith will be renewed and instilled in their heart. Let them have faith and as a result, see the miracles which God is about to do in their life. After these days may they see the desires of their heart, and the plans of God which had not been fulfilled, until now, be accomplished in their life.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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