May 20, 2020

RESTORATION - Bro. T. Stephen

I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I waited upon the Lord, the blessed word that the Lord gave me to bless you today is from the book of Jeremiah.  32:27, “ Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh.   Is there anything too  hard  for Me?

Jehovah the God of all men,   the  Maker  and Preserver, of them, and that provides, for all who are called flesh. If that God is the creator of all human beings, If He is the God, and Governor, of the world, then what is it that He cannot do?  Biblically   Judea and Jerusalem were captured by the Chaldeans, because of the sins committed by the Jews. God asks Jeremiah the Prophet. “Am I not the God of all flesh ? Will I not be able to redeem the Jews from the hands of the Chaldeans, and restore the state, so that houses and lands therein shall be possessed in safety. God was always mindful of his people. Whenever they cried unto Him.  He heard their cry and rescued them from their troubles.

This people were now at length brought to despair. But God gives  them the hope of His mercy. This shows that God had both the power and capability to restore to them their land, and property, that was looted by the Chaldeans.  That  is why He says, “Is anything too hard for Me? For  I am God of all flesh. We see that Israel were a peculiar people, a royal priest hood, His own special people. God chose them that they may proclaim the  praises of Him,  who called them out of darkness into His marvellous light. Since they were precious in His sight He gave them the Ten commandments, written on two tablets,  which was given by God to  Moses  on Mount Sinai. Moses commanded them to walk according to the commandments so that it might be well with them. 

He provided them with the Manna while they wandered in the desert before they reached the Promised Land. He quenched their thirst with sweetened water. For their sake he changed the bitter waters of   Marah  to sweetened water. He showed Moses a tree and when he threw it   into the waters  the water became sweet for both the people and the cattle to drink. God also provided meat for His people. Quails that flew into the camp, each   evening, and bread like flakes, Manna, that dropped down like dew each morning. We can list a number of things that God did for HIs chosen people even though they were known as stiff-necked people. Who can utter the mighty acts of God?  Who can declare His praise.? Yes,  God saved them for his mercies sake.  That He might make His mighty power known to them. He rebuked the Red Sea, also and it dried up So He led them through the depths, as through the wilderness on dry ground.

God saved His people, from the hand of all those who hated them. And redeemed them from the hand of the enemy. God did wondrous work in the land of Ham. And  awesome things by the Red Sea. The People of Israel, wandered in a desolate way. They found no city to dwell in. Hungry and thirsty their soul, fainted in them. But the Lord took pity on them and delivered them out of all their distresses. Though they often rebelled against Him, God saved them out of all their troubles. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death. And  broke their chains in pieces. When they cried out to the Lord God of Israel, He heard their cry and sent His word and healed them. God made his people see His wonders in the deep, for he commands and raises the stormy winds. He spoke and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast. 

God looks at you this day and says, “I have chosen you and you are mine. Is there anything too hard for me to do?” I who led the people of Israel to the Promised land, will I not lead you ?  I will heal you. I will restore all that you have lost in  your life. I shall grant you wisdom, knowledge and good understanding. I will direct your steps. I will grant you the desires of your heart. I will restore your job that you have lost, I will help you to regain stability in your business that has dwindled and will help you see better days in life. I am The God of all flesh. Nothing is too  hard  for Me.

All things are possible to them that believe on His name. For He is able to do  exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think or pray. Blessed be the Lord God Of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness. Therefore cast all  your burden upon the Lord, for He shall sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be moved. Make God the hope of your life. God shall revive you again, and bring you up again, and shall increase your greatness and comfort you on every side. God Bless you. 


Our Loving Heavenly Father, we thank you for this blessed day. Lord we thank you for providing all the needs of the people of Israel, while they were trudging in the wilderness.    Thank you for blessing them with heavenly Manna, with  sweetened water, and quails as food for them.   Thank You Lord for saving them from the hand of their  enemies.  Likewise help us in our journey in this dry and deserted life.  Settle all our problems.  Lift up our heads and help us to walk boldly before others.  Never put us to shame. 

In Jesus Name we pray,


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