July 16, 2022

PROMISE OF GOD - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious life giving word of the Lord, for today  is  from  the  book  Of 1 Kings 6:13, “And I will live among the children of Israel and will not forsake My people Israel”.

The children of God are called the Israelites. The Lord is telling us, that He will come to our house and dwell with us. That He will be with us and not forsake us anymore. One day, the Lord met Jacob and gave him a great promise, ‘You will receive good wealth and riches from the place you are going to, you will return to your homeland and will be well settled in life’. Likewise, the Lord provided him with food to eat and clothing to wear. The Lord caused him to earn great riches, silver and gold, animals and servants. Finally, he returned to his homeland with all these presents. What had the Lord told him? That the Lord will never leave him nor forsake him, until He had done what He had promised for Jacob. Similarly, the Lord has told many things to you, ‘I will do these things for you, and  for your children. Your future will be well settled. All your problems will be solved’. The Lord has given you many such promises. As the Lord had promised Jacob, all the promises that He has given you will be fulfilled. The Bible says that not a single auspicious word given to Israel faltered. Everything was fulfilled.

A sister once came crying to me and told, that just because she did not have a child, her husband had divorced her. She said, though she was young and had taken many treatments nothing worked out. She said, where can I go? I told her that she has come to the place where she should come – to the Lord. The Bible says, ‘Those who have come to the Lord for refuge will receive a great reward.’ Do you know what happened? But her husband had already divorced her so how can this be possible and how can I pray like that? The husband did not come for a while, but the Lord had given her a word, ‘I came to this world to redeem the lost. I will bring back the same husband you have lost. You will conceive as soon as you return with him because I have renewed your uterus’. The Lord comforted her with this word. 

After a few weeks, her husband came to visit me one day. I did not realise that this person was that girl’s ex-husband. He told me, Bother, my wife is a good person, but just because she could not have a child our family decided that I divorce her and have now started to look for a new alliance for me. At first, even I decided to get married to someone else, but in the recent past, I do not feel right about it, but am unable to stand against my family, so I have come to seek your advice. When I enquired about his wife’s name, I was surprised and told him that just a few days earlier your wife had come crying and told me everything. I told him, even now it is not too late. Man should not and cannot separate whom the Lord has united. The worldly court would have separated you, but you are not separated in the sight of God. Today, do this good thing, straightway go to your ex-wife’s house and take her to your house. The Lord has already given her a prophecy that He has renewed her uterus. So, he took her back, and got remarried. In the same month, she conceived and gave birth and two years later they had another child. 

Even if there is a delay in the fulfilment of the promise, it will surely come. If you have been thrown out in any situation, the Lord who never forsakes is telling you, that He will not forsake you. Do not worry the Lord is with you, Whatever situation you are caught in, whatever incident or problem, you may be going through   the Lord will not forsake you. In your desperate health situation, Jesus is telling that He will change all your diseases and will cause you to live again. You will rise again; You will go back to work. You will be a blessing to your family again. So, we must be steadfast in the Lord and receive His miracles and blessings. 

Prayer: Loving Father, we thank you. Lord, you said, ‘I will live among My people of Israel and will not forsake My children’. Lord, no matter who forsakes You,  yet  You will gather them. You will   dwell in the homes of your children who have been forsaken. Rebuild their lives. Perform miracles for your children in the situations in which they have been forsaken. Reunite broken families. Clear all  their debts and help them to make a better life.  Remove poverty. Heal sickness and diseases Lord. Bless your children that they may say,  “ The Lord will never forsake us. May they live and do well in their lives by Your grace. Open a way for Your children and prosper them.

In Jesus Name we pray,


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