December 8, 2020


I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  The blessed word that  God  has  given  for  you  today  is  from the book of  Acts  12: 5, “ Peter was kept in Prison. But the church was earnestly praying for Him.” 

From the above context we learn that Peter was put in prison but the saints in the church were praying for the release of Peter. He was imprisoned unjustly, but he did not consider it as a prison but a sanctuary where God dwelt.  There are a thousand prisons in our life. We can say that one who is in prison is in trouble, in fear, in conscious penitence, one who has not received  assurance of pardon; he is in prison who has sold his liberty, who is lying under condemnation.  But whatever our prison may be God knows it, can find us, and can send His angel to deliver us. Similarly God sent His angel and delivered Peter from the prison on hearing the prayer of the saints. 

They prayed without ceasing, they made Intense, steady, and ardent prayer to God.  The church was appraised of his imprisonment and danger, and had no resource but to intercede to God in prayer. In times of danger there is no other refuge; but we need to seek God. For even in most discouraging circumstances God can hear our prayer. Nothing could appear more hopeless than the idea of rescuing Peter out of the hands of Herod, and out of the prison, and out of the custody of sixteen men, by prayer. But the prayer of faith was prevalent with God. 

God listened to their prayers and sent an angel, of God into the prison to deliver Peter. As soon as the angel entered into the prison the darkness in the prison vanished and there was light. The angel woke up Peter who was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains and was guarded by sentries at the entrance. The Angel not only woke him up but also brought him out of the prison. Peter being released immediately went to meet the saints who were praying for him. When he stood, outside the door of the house in which they gathered together to pray for him, they were astonished to see him standing at the door. This is the miracle God performed for the saints who prayed for the release of Peter. 

Are you in some kind of prison? Have you been like Peter falsely accused and put in prison? Is there a case charged against you? Have you lost all your hope? Are you suffering in the prison of debts or suffering in the prison of disease. Are you in the prison of great loss in business, or you in the prison of wrong relationship? What is your problem? Are you looking out for some kind of deliverance for your problem? Well the only solution for you is to pray earnestly without ceasing, like the saints in the church, who prayed for Peter. You can pray by yourself, or ask some pastors to pray for you. Or approach the Prayer Tower established in several locations, Prayer warriors in the Prayer Towers are available twenty four hours, to pray for you. Call them up for prayer. The Lord in Heaven will hear their prayers and deliver you from all your problems. Just as Peter was taken out of the prison, the Lord will send an angel to deliver you from your worst situation.  For He is   a God who is at hand and a God afar off. Prayer changes things. So pray to receive God’s blessings. God Bless you. 

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Thank you Lord for teaching us the importance of prayer. Lord deliver us from the prisons we are trapped in.  Help us to come out of our prisons   and give us another opportunity to live for you.  May we approach you through our prayers and also help us to seek the Prayer Towers for prayers and for deliverance. 

In Jesus’ name we pray, 


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