June 28, 2022


Dearly Beloved in Christ , I greet and bless you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  The auspicious life giving word of the Lord, for today  is  from  the  book  of  Rev 3:21, “ To him that  overcomes, I will grant  to sit with Me in My throne”.

The one who is victorious will sit with me on My throne.  Lord Jesus did not say that He will put a throne beside Him and make you sit. The Lord says, I will cause Him to sit along with Me on My throne’. Visualise this and see. What a great blessing it would be! It means that  if Jesus is seated with a person in his life, then  it would  be like sitting on on God’s throne. It is a royal throne. That is what the Lord wants to give you through this verse. There are only two ways to sit alongwith with God in His throne. One is that it must have double seat,    the other is for you to sit on the lap of Jesus. 

David says, “When God is on my right side, I will not be shaken.” Compare this verse and the verse for today. It means that David felt as if Jesus was seated on his right side together and he thanked the Lord for it. It means that you are   seated to the left side of the Lord or the Lord is at your right side. Therefore, you will not be shaken. Today, You have an assurance that you are seated on the Lord’s throne. You will not be shaken. But who will receive this? The one who is victorious and overcomes the world,  will get this. This means,  that  It is  for   the one who  overcomes  the world, the sins of the world, and the act of the  devil. If you want to sit with Jesus and experience royalty, you must win this world. The Lord will give you fresh   anointing to overcome this and will give you the privilege to sit, on the royal throne with God. 

Prayer:  Loving Lord, we thank you! It is  a great privilege  for every man,    to sit in the throne along with You, since,  You have said, “ That the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with Me on My  throne. ” Give this great privilege to those who are   reading   this message. Be on their right side. Just as David said, That he has kept the Lord always, before him,   Remain  on the right side of  everyone,  every  children of God,  so that they will not be  shaken. Help them to bear fruits  for You Lord, while they live on this earth. May they be living testimony for God, in their family, at their workplace, in their ministry, and in every task they undertake.  

In Jesus Name we pray,


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