August 14, 2022

No more loss - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious life giving word of the Lord, for today is from the book of Isaiah 45:14, “The labour of Egypt and merchandise of Cush and of the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over to you and they shall be yours”.
It means that though there will be many people to snatch your incomes and increases that has been kept for you, the Lord is telling you that it will cross over all these hurdles that are in front of you, and will become yours. Money Lenders would have snatched it away, cheaters would have snatched it away. Thieves would have stolen it away. Your sins would have been the reasons for the losses of your income and increase. But today, the Lord is telling that all your income and increase will cross all these and will come to your house, so that your wealth and earnings will not be snatched along the way. The indirect blessing is that you will be protected from unwanted losses. Your earnings will cross all these places of merchandise, and become yours so that they will not be wasted.

There will be lot of competitions at your workplace, business place and ministry. You will cross over all these competitions and bring your earnings home. This is what it means, when you say that it will cross over all these hurdles and will come to you. It will become yours. If the Lord has mentioned that it will become yours, it means that there is a chance for it to be taken by others. Such mistakes would have happened in the past. The Lord will help you, so that such mistakes will not happen henceforth. The earnings of Egypt! For those who are saying that you have no strength to earn or no way for it, the Lord is opening new ways for your earning. The Lord will open ways for you to get a government job, jobs in bigger companies or even abroad. These are the earnings of Egypt. The Lord will open ways for your visa and employment procedures so that you will get a job in the country you desired to go. The merchandise of Cush refers to people doing business and ministry. Children who go abroad for the ministry. Children who do export business abroad! Today, the Lord will bless their business place and they will earn profits and income through that. In the past, you would have faced a lot of losses. From this day, the Lord will turn all those losses into profits. He will bring your income to you crossing over many obstacles and competitors.

PRAYER: Loving Lord, we thank you! Lord, bring the earnings of Egypt and the merchandise of Cush to your children so that it will not be wasted on the way. Lord, restore the wealth that people have cheated your children and taken it away from them. Lord, help your children to settle all the shortcomings in their earnings. Let all losses, unnecessary interests and payments be stopped. Preserve them from debts. Let their vessels overflow from this day.

In Jesus Name we pray,


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