December 17, 2023

Men Of Stature Shall Come - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the name of the Lord be glorified. On this day, Dec.17th. it is a great pleasure to meet you all through this auspicious message. May the Lord Bless you all. Take with me from the book of Isaiah 45:14, “The Labor of Egypt and merchandise of Cush And of the Sabeans, men of stature. Shall come over to you and they shall by yours. They shall walk behind you. They shall come over in chains. And they shall bow down to you.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have come to the end of this year2023. Many would have been a failure in their business, and those who have fallen down in their ministry. And have become a failure, in ministry, Those who have been a failure in their studies, Those who have been taken out of their jobs, And they who have been plucked out of their jobs, Those who have incurred loss, they have lost their house, or they have lost their property. They have lost all fame and name. So most of you who have been affected in this manner, then today is your turn day.

God is saying, “The Labor of Egypt and merchandise of Cush And of the Sabeans, men of stature. Shall come over to you and they shall be yours. Just as the name of Mathias was selected, to be the substitute of Judas Iscariot, your name will float and you shall secure a government job. Just as the name of Mathias floated your name shall float, as a result, you are wondering if your name will float in the lottery. To go to the USA. They will shuffle the chits to check whose name would float, regarding the Visa. Because of your prayer and if you ask the Lord by faith, then Visa will fall in your name and to let it float will be a simple thing for the Lord to do. If the Labor of Egypt and merchandise of Cush And of the Sabeans should cross over all hurdles and come to you, then you should shun all sin and wrong practice and also all the evil nature of yours and your evil thoughts from your mind, and all wicked behavior and if you come to God, then He will break all the barriers that block all the blessings and he will bring them to you. He will make it yours. That day there came a great testing in the life of Joseph in Egypt in the house of Potiphar. His mistress, who had given him job, compelled him to have wrong relationship with her. She tried to induce him to fall prey to her evil and deceptive desire. She forced him to commit sin. But Joseph crossed over that lustful sin and came out. As a result what happened is that, God made him the governor of Egypt next to Pharaoh. That refers to the merchandise of Egypt. What is the secret of Joseph becoming the governor of Egypt? Though he had the opportunity to commit sin, he crossed over and came out of that situation. So crossing all the hurdles and also the barriers that were a blockade to his progress, God lifted him to the post of Governor of Egypt.

God gave him that great post in a strange land. Today many of you are saying, “ I am not able to progress in life. Not able to achieve anything in life. Whatever step I take, does not materialize fruitfully. There is a lot of competition in my field. I am not able to compete equally with them, and do business. I am not able to accept such low quotation and take up the order. I am not able to take their product at low rate and sell for a profit. For such kind of children who are all so worried and crying over such poor business, God will help you break all barriers, and cut down all chains and God will bring unto you all the business and the wealth and riches provided you run away from the lust of the flesh and avoid all kinds of sin and evil deeds. You need to cross over all such wrong deeds and reach the Lord and surrender unto Him. Ask the Lord to help you in your business. Lord give me a bright future for myself. Then God will surely help you. The time when Joseph ever thought about such a position, God provided a very high position of honor and exalted him. In the same manner today the Lord is going to grant you a position beyond your understanding and lift you up. A great Government job, A big order. A big grace, is going to cross all the hurdles and barriers and come unto you and become yours permanently.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank You. Lord I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord in whatever area the children are unable to overcome the hurdles because of sin and evil deeds, and therefore the children are struggling in life, I pray that they may overcome, and cross over and may the children join the Lord God. As a result may the works of God be seen in their life. Lord let the work of God be revealed in their ministry and work place and in all other aspects of their business so that the work of God may be revealed. So that they may be seated with princes and kings of this people. I bless all the children from the bottom of my heart. As a result there will be no famine in their life. There will be no debts, so I thank you Lord. There will no shame and dishonor so I thank you Lord. Lord help them to cross over all the hurdles and help them to gather riches and wealth , reputation, name and fame in life.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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