August 8, 2020

Lord Hide Me. - Bro. T. Stephen

My   Dear Brothers  and sisters, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of—   Job 14:13 “Oh that You would hide me in the grave, That You would conceal Me, until Your wrath is past, That You would appoint me a set time, and remember me.”

From the above context we see, that Job was going through severe affliction, therefore he realized that he was under the wrath of God. And in the above context he cries out to God, saying “Lord hide me  until Your wrath is past”. Lord hide me in the  grave  that no one would see my condition and mock at me or laugh at me.”  He pleads God to appoint a set time for him and to remember him at this point of affliction and offer him another opportunity for him to live and not die in his affliction.

Job is unable to face his own friends who criticised him of his horrible state. They ridiculed him and said that he must have made some secret sins  in his life,  to go through such a  fearful  and dreadful affliction, so as to lose all his ten children,  his wealth and even his cattle.   His body was filled with boils and he sat on the ashes heap,   scraping his sores with dry shell. So at this state he cries out to God,  begging Him to keep him in secret,  so that no eye should see him, no human eye should see or know all about his  affliction. 

He wanted God to keep him in the grave until the wrath of God, is past. He realised  that God sometimes come out of his place in great wrath and indignation;  to prevent his dear children and people from being involved in certain  calamities, he takes them away beforehand, and hides them in his chambers.    Job was sure that  the wrath of God was upon him, being severely afflicted. He knew that he would not be delivered  until he was brought to the dust, from whence he came   so he cries out to God, to appoint  him a set time, and remember  him. He pleads God to think of his affliction and requests God to give him another opportunity for him to live. He reminds God, saying, “ Lord You have appointed his limits.”   for going down to the grave, and being hid there.  

Is someone angry with you? Don’t worry,  God will protect you from those who are angry with you. Their anger will in no way spoil your peace. But you should never become the object of God’s anger, or the wrath of God. Only when you have a problem you go to God. But if your problem is with God then where will you go? Therefore today you need to renew your relationship with God. So that you will not experience another  calamity in the future. You could avoid   another tragedy or affliction in your life  by renewing your relationship with God. Then the Lord will bless you with a double portion of blessing as He blessed Job and his family. God bless you. 

Prayer:  Our   loving   heavenly   Father, we   thank   You   for this blessed day. Lord   prevent  us   from  the wrath of God.    Lord  help us to  renew our relationship with God to avoid another calamity in  our life.  May we learn not to trouble others knowingly or  unknowingly. But to be  of much help to others. Never to forsake,   God but to hold on to Him even  during   times of crisis. Always to respect others for what they are and enjoy good relationship with God. 

In Jesus name we pray. 


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