February 28, 2022

Jesus Is the Way.                      - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of   John 14:6, “Jesus answered , I am the way, the Truth and the Life”.

My Dear Children of God, the Lord is saying that He is the only way. In case you say, that there is no way, then God is saying, “I am The way”. God is able to make a way where there seems to be no way in your life.    The term ‘Way’, refers not only to the pathway but also to the source.  You might be saying, “I don’t think there is a way for me to secure a job”. Don’t worry God will open a way for you in a miraculous manner, you may not have imagined that God would open such a door for you, a good job in a good company with a better package so that you can maintain yourself and help your family too. Our God is awesome in His doing. The Bible says, “commit your ways unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass”. Believe that Jesus is the only way for you, for those children who say, there is no way, for me to move forward in life, God is saying, “I am the way”. Whether it is the way to your education, to your business, to your settlement in life, or way to your court case, Jesus is the only way because He is near to all those who call upon Him in truth and spirit.

 For those who say you  have no way out of a bitter situation or clueless about what decision to make for the  future , today God is opening a brand-new way to help you choose wisely,. God will go before you and break all the blockades that stand against your blessing. God will direct your steps and lead you on the right track. The reason for your failure in the past was that you did not follow Him. You made your own route to move forward and therefore ended up in great loss in your life, in your business, in your education, in your ministry.  You never consulted with God regarding all these issues. Therefore, you had to face a big loss. God says, “My way is a separate way, and anyone who follows Me shall never fail”. Look up to Jesus, He will provide you the resource to meet all your needs because He is Jehovah Jierah, Our Provider.

The Lord is not only the ‘WAY’ but also the ‘TRUTH’. Truth means the living word of God. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. The Living Word transforms the character of a person. He who was a sinner will no longer be a sinner and he will become a child of God, as a new creation.

The living word that you read through this message will liberate you from your sinful life. This truth will deliver you from the bondage of the devil, witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, and also from all other infirmities.

The Lord says, “I am the way the truth and life”. The Lord gives life to all those who are unsettled in life, He will bring in the right partner and settle them at the appointed time as God does everything in its time. Many youngsters are worried over their settlement since some of the parents fail to settle them at the right time. As a result, many are yet to be settled and they suffer from shame and humiliation, in society.   I sincerely pray to the Lord to bless my children with the right partners and settle them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  From today, God will break all the barriers that are blocking your marriage life. Some of u got married but are living  separately, you are crying over your broken life, today God is going to reunite you and help you live a happy married life. God is also going to perform many miracles to those who are in the ministry as well. So, wait on Him patiently. He will beautify the meek and He will exalt the humble. God bless you.

Prayer: Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day.  Lord, You said, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life”. So, today  open the way for those who think that there is no way for them to move forward in life. Help my children to know the Truth and be delivered from all kinds of bondages. Let there be deliverance in their body, soul, and spirit. Give new life to those who seem to be dead in certain areas of their life. Rejuvenate those who have lost all hope in getting settled. Reunite the separated couples to live a happy married life. Make them live in peace and happiness.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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