February 15, 2023

HOPE IN GOD - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly beloved in Christ, The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today, is taken from the book of Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick. But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.”

Today the Lord is telling you that you should not lose your hope. If you lose your hope then your heart will become sick. But when your desire comes then it will be a tree of life. Having waited for a long time, you might have got mentally tired. But when God gives you what you desire then you will feel as if it is a tree of life. Today what is it that you are waiting for? You have been waiting for many months together, or for many years together.  What is it that you need? In that particular area, God is going to do a miracle for you.  God likes those children who wait on Him. There was a man who waited patiently for 38 years, by the Bethesda pool hoping that he will one day, receive deliverance.  And his patience was rewarded. He knew that he who came as a sickly person will not return home without getting healed. He thought he will get healed one day, and then he will return home. He being a physically handicapped person still hoped in the Lord.  

He was a lame man. He was waiting for 38 years for someone to drop him into the pool when the angel stirred the water. But no one came forward to help him. There was a belief, that when the men got into the pool while the angel stirred the water, then they would get healed. So this man patiently waited hoping that he will surely be delivered from his horrible situation.  God respects this waiting process. God knew that this man had suffered enough for 38 long years. So the Lord himself came to the Bethesda  pool  and asked him if he wanted to get healed. The man then replied that he wanted to get healed   but  there  was no one to  carry him and  put him into the pool when the angel stirred the water. He told Jesus that he was very helpless. My  dear children of God, the Lord looking at his pitiable situation responded to his need. The Lord just said, one word, “Take up your bed and walk. ”The man believed in the word of the Lord and immediately his lame leg gained strength and so he took up his bed and walked homeward. He turned his sorrow into joy.

Have you been waiting for a long period of time for a good life partner? And your marriage is getting delayed for certain reason. Well the Lord who himself came to the Bethesda pool and healed this lame man will also perform a miracle for you and soon settle you with a good life partner. For your good sake the Lord is speaking to you through this auspicious word. And he is going to break all the barriers that stand in your way of getting settled. The Lord will turn your sorrow into joy by bringing in the right partner. And He   himself will come forward and settle you, in a good family and you shall enjoy the freedom of married life. Some of you might have been waiting for a long time for a government job. God will give you success by His grace in the examination you had written and thus help you to secure a good government job. God will make you to sit with princes people of great authority   in the society.

May be you have been waiting for a long period of time praying for the gift of a child. Today is a miraculous day. The Lord who went to the pool of Bethesda and delivered the lame man, and made him to return home joyfully, will also perform a miracle for you today. God will remove all sorrows from your heart and make you joyful.

Prayer: Lord, we thank You.  I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. You are a good God. Lord in whatever matter your children are waiting for, you intervene into their lives, and grant them their requirements. Lord they are longing patiently for a particular thing. Whatever they are waiting for, I pray that you would see their tears, and hear their cry, and perform a miracle for each one of them. May they not lose their hope, and grow weary and sick in their heart. Instead may the desire of their hearts come like a tree of life.  Thank You for breaking all the barriers that obstruct them from moving forward in their life. Make them glad and help them to rejoice by fulfilling the desires of their heart.  

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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