October 11, 2023

Have pity on the poor - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, 11th October, It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you all. Today the word of God is from the book of Proverbs 19:17, “He who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord. And He will pay back what he has given.”

This verse says, God is pleased with those who have pity on the poor. Especially to those who lend to the poor. And God will pay back what a man lends to the poor. If someone has to lend to the Lord he deserves to be worthy of it. Is any one of you willing to lend to the Lord? He will not come in person to receive from you. But He will receive it through poor people who live in your locality. Maybe some poor people from your own family. God will receive from such poor brothers and sisters. A beautiful verse says, “ If you don’t love your own brother whom you see, How can you love the Lord whom you don’t see. “ Some people do a lot of social service and contribute openly to many poor people. But they fail to help their own poor brothers and sisters in their family. They in fact suffer a lot because of their poverty. But no one cares for them. Therefore they need to come forward to help firstly their poor relatives, who are suffering for want of help. So you let them suffer much because of your wrong attitude, and do a lot of social service to outsiders for your selfish glory. God himself has said, to consider the poor. Especially those of your faith, and your own brothers and sisters whom you see. So when one of your brother or sister come to you for help then if you render help to them, God will be pleased with you, and may be He himself, has come to your house, in the form of your brother or sister . And if you ask how this is possible, May be your relatives would have requested the lord to help them. Or some poor people living nearby your house, And if you help them they will receive what you give.

When your brother or sister asks you for help regarding their children’s education, you should not humiliate them. If you can, then please help them. If you can’t just tell them that you will pray for them. Never question them as to why they admit their children for higher education when they are unable to pay their fees or meet their needs. Because every parent desires to educate their children well and see them in a higher position in life. So never throw sand in their desire to educate their children .It is like lending to God. This verse beautifully says, “He who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord.” But there is another verse which says, “ God will never be a debtor to others.” This verse says, He who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord. This means when you help someone then God becomes the debtor, and as per this verse says He will become a debtor and pay back to you what you have lent to the poor. He will not return in small quantities. He will shake and press them and give it to you. He will give you more than what you have lent to others. He will give you in different forms.

Once a brother came with his son to meet me with a large amount which we are using for the construction of our Prayer Tower. He said Brother, “I came to you for prayer regarding my son’s NEET EXAM, and by God’s grace He has secured very good marks that he got a free seat in the Government college. So as a “thanksgiving gift” I brought this amount for your construction of the Prayer Tower. Kindly receive this gift. When his son got a seat in medicine, he immediately gave a gift offering for the construction of our prayer tower. So if an ordinary man can give a gift offering then how much more will the Lord Almighty give to his children. That brother thought, “God has done a miracle for my son, So in turn I must return or do something for Him.” So if an ordinary man can give a gift offering, then how much more will the Lord Almighty give to his children, Who lends to the poor, and needy, Will He not return in abundance.? Those who are in pain and agony. Or those who are badly in need of something, You do what you can for them. Don’t do it with the intention that God will return for you in abundance. But do it out of free will then the Lord will reward you. He will give you more than what you have contributed, many times more than what you have given. Do you know how He will give you? Firstly He will give you a job freely. Maybe you might have given many lakhs to get that job. But since He has given you a job freely then that amount of many lakhs, will be with you.

God is quietly giving you many such blessings, So today you have an opportunity to give those who are residing close besides you. Especially to those whom you know very well, like materials, or to help their children in their education. Do some kind of generous offering to others. While we are in this world, we need to gather many things that are merciful for our purpose. Do good to all the poor living around you. Jesus did many good things while He was on the face of this earth. What the Bible says is that He went about doing good to many others. So you too go about doing good to others, help others, then God will never allow you to stretch out your hands to another. So God has told you how to close all your debts. Therefore when someone comes to you for help then send them home having helped them from the bottom of your heart. Then God will bless you and clear all your debts, and help you gather baskets of leftovers.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank You. Lord, I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. “ So he who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord.” That same God returns to you what you have contributed, in abundance. In case you don’t have the habit of helping the poor or others badly in need, then that nature of helping others will open up favorable doors for your progress. Therefore in case if any of you have no thought of the poor or the needy then hereafter, let them have a heart to think of others. Let them help others, And may their contribution cause them to make their family find kindness in the eyes of the Lord. Further God will bless them more than what they have contributed to others. May all their debts be cleared and may they gather baskets of left over. I bless all of you from the bottom of my heart that you are blessed abundantly with peace and serenity.
In Jesus name We Pray, Amen.

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