September 23, 2023

Good things - Bro. T. Stephen

My beloved children in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am delighted to meet you all on this day, September 23rd, through this blessed word.

Let us read Psalms 103:5, “Who satisfies your mouth with good things So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” When we receive a blessing, our mouth continues to sing psalms. It will keep praising God. When we do not receive a blessing, our mouths will continue to lament. He will satisfy your mouth with good things so that your lamenting mouth will now begin to praise God with joyous lips. He will do many good things in your life, which will make you glad and your mouth satisfied. Dissatisfaction will cause lamentation. Contentment will cause happiness. And a happy person will sing psalms. People remark, “The sound of music indicates some celebration, it seems he is in a jubilant mood.” When something good happens, the heart naturally rejoices and begins to praise God. When anything good or satisfying happens in life, the heart is filled with songs the next minute. As the verse says, “Who satisfies your mouth with good things.” Wherever you are dissatisfied, you will become content. You are dissatisfied with your wife, isn’t it? God will transform her into a new human being. How am I going to live my life with this talkative wife? Today her tongue will be satisfied with good things, and God will transform her into a praying wife. How am I going to spend my life with this husband? I’m only recently married, yet I can’t stand his unjust, nasty behaviour or listen to his words. God is going to completely transform him after today. An unbelievable great change will come upon him, and God will make him a good person. He will do a miracle. God will perform a miracle in the thing you are bemoaning – your husband’s bad behaviour and low income. He will work wonders! The verse says, Who satisfies your mouth with good things So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”

The Eagles have a new lease of life in their old age. When it becomes old, it will lose the feathers from its body. But God has a special grace for them, the feathers will grow back again. And once the feathers grow back, it will fly again. God renews the strength of the eagles to mount up and fly swiftly as their youth is renewed, won’t He do it for you? Hasn’t He made man as His amazing creation? God says, don’t think you will perish with this disease if He renewed the strength of the eagles so that they fly again. You will be healed, and you will become as active as you were in your youth. The chords of death have been destroyed. God sends His strength into your weak body and makes you run with the strength of a rhinoceros.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank You. I bless them in the name of Jesus Christ. Satisfy their mouth with good things. May good things happen in their family, let their hearts be filled with a sense of gratitude, and let sounds of praise arise from their tongues. Moreover, You said, your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. May the damaged organs be revived in the name of Jesus, and let my children jump and walk, and achieve great feats as they did in their youth. Let Your strength be made perfect in all their weaknesses. With the strength of the rhinoceros let them run, walk, and toil. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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