August 29, 2018

Good and perfect gift - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of Psalms 34:10, “The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing”. You shall lack no good thing when you seek the Lord.

All good things come from the Father of lights. Good things like health, wealth, blessing of a child, job and so on are in heaven.  Only the Lord can give you these blessings. That’s why James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning”. All gifts come from above – heaven. When you need a gift or a blessing, look up to heaven and ask for it because, all that you ask for is made in heaven and then sent to you. The bible says that Jesus is the creator. He is the one who creates every good thing. Ask the Lord to give you the blessings and the good thing that He has made and kept in store for you. Mathew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given unto you”. God has great and wonderful plans and blessings for you. Therefore, when you ask the Lord for anything, you must ask for it according to His will.

Now-a-days many people go behind fortune tellers and black magicians to know what is in store for them. They forget to realize that the creator of all good things dwells above in heaven. God is the creator, not man. All that you have to do is to seek the Lord and he will reveal Himself to you. The bible says “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights”. Both the Earthly blessings and the spiritual blessings are in heaven. Earthly blessings like the gift of a child, job, income and so on come to you from God. Spiritual blessings like the gifts mentioned in the bible also come from God. It is you who has to ask for it and claim the blessings. God is waiting for you to ask for what you need. When you ask for it according to His will, He will give it to you and you shall enjoy the fruit of it all the days of your life.

God bless you.


Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. I submit Your dear children into Your hands of protection. Lord, every good and perfect gift comes from You. I pray that You may bless Your dear children with all the good things so that they may lack in no good thing. In Jesus name we pray,


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