October 15, 2020

God’s Word Accomplishes - Bro. T. Stephen

I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  The blessed word that God has given you for today is from the book of Isaiah 55:11, “My word that goes forth from My mouth, it shall not return, to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please. And it shall prosper, in the, thing for which I sent it.”

There was a woman  with a spirit of infirmity for 18 years who came   seeking for  Jesus Christ in the temple.  She had gotten used to looking at people out of the corner of her eye, by looking up and sideways. After eighteen years, she could hardly remember any other way of seeing the world. On this particular Sabbath, there was a special excitement at the synagogue, where she regularly went to worship. A Galilean preacher and prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, had arrived in town and She had heard reports about Jesus. When she entered the synagogue, and as Jesus began to teach, He had caught her eye and invited the woman to come unto Him.  He said, “Come here,” and She slowly made her way to the front of the assembly. What happened next amazed the whole congregation. “Woman, you are set free from your ailment.” When Jesus, spoke those words and put his hands on her broken, bent body, she felt power surge through her. Without hesitation, she straightened her once crooked back. She stood tall and praised God .God gave her deliverance.  When the Lord removed all the evil spirit from her body, her back straightened and she became healthy. She went away praising and glorifying God. Here Jesus Himself came forward to deliver the woman from her infirmity.

God is speaking prophetically, that he is sending angels even to your homes, your family, to help you receive God’s blessing. He is also sending some good associates, from the earth below, to do good to you. Today something good is about to happen for you and your family. God has already spoken to me that He is going to grant a gift to you who are reading this message.

God is saying that He is going  to send, even kings to assist you. He will even invite significant men to help you in your Endeavour. In the Bible we read that God sent a king to help Isaac. The reason for bringing these kings and ministers, from far off country was to make Isaac, to be equal with the king. So He brought them to make a peace treaty, with him. So today God is prepared to send even kings for you in order that they might open doors of opportunity for you to secure a good job, or start a good business, select a suitable bride or bridegroom for your child. Whatever may be the need, God is willing to send people and assist you in your daily walk of life. Believe that God can send someone to help you in times of crisis and accomplish   His purpose in your life. God Bless You.


Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Thank You Lord for speaking to us through this message that You will send people to assist us in our life. Thank You Lord for touching and healing the woman with infirmity.  We are glad to know that you will send kings and efficient men to help us in times of trouble.  Come Lord Jesus help us in our day to day life.

In Jesus name we pray,


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