October 11, 2020

GOD’S FAVOUR - Bro. T. Stephen

I greet and bless each one of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of Isaiah 46:11, “Calling a bird of prey, from the east the man who executes My counsel, from a far country.  Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it. I will also do it.”

From the above context we learn that Balaam was called by  Balak  the king of Moab, to curse Israel.  But God changed his mind against   Balak and instead of cursing the people He blessed them. No one could ever stand against the Israelites as   they were considered precious in His sight.

God is sending someone from a far off country to bring you good news, or do something good in your life. God wants to speak to you through this message. God is actually sending someone from a far away country to fulfill what God has purposed in his heart regarding you. He is sending someone to show favor to you. You might be wondering what that stranger is about to do for you or what good news he is going to bring for you. But you can be assured, that something good is going to happen for you.

May be you might be getting a good job through him. Or you might be getting a good proposal through him, for your son or daughter. Or through that person, you might get a favorable   judgment. God says, He is sending someone, who would fulfill His counsel.  God is sending a person who would   implement what He has purposed in His heart regarding you. That person is coming to fulfill God’s commandment, in your life.

He might be an angel or God himself in the   disguise of man. In this regard I shall quote certain incidents from the scripture. Balaam climbed to the top of the mountain and from there he saw the people of Israel spread all over scattered according to their tribes.  They dwelt in tents. God instructs Balaam to go there and not to curse the people but to bless them. This was the commandment of God to Balaam. So he looks at the people and said, “I have come with the commandment of God to bless you.” God had sent him purposely to bless Israel. And after receiving the blessing of God, it was easy for the people to move steadily to the good and large land, to a   land flowing with milk and honey, without any difficulty.

Similarly God will send someone to bless you. They will come to you with the commandment of God to implement His counsel. God sent Ananias to help Saul regain his lost sight. So according to God’s commandment he went and touched his eyes and immediately his eyes were opened. Tabitha  called  Dorcas, learned from Jesus, a giving way of life.  She helped others with what she had. She was known for her   acts of  charity. The little servant girl in Naaman’s house helped her Master to receive healing through the prophet Elisha. She was an angel in disguise. Jacob was returning to His father’s land Canaan. But while he was at the ford of Jabbok, he was left alone. And there a man wrestled with him,  Jacob realized that he had wrestled with God. God met Jacob in the form of man  and transformed him.

Thus we see God used several people to help others in the scripture. Likewise God will send someone to help and bless you. To save you from being caught, in some trouble   or disaster, God is sending someone, who will implement his commandment,   as He had purposed in His heart to rescue you from the oncoming danger and thus bless you. God is concerned about you. So He will never forget you or forsake you.

Prayer:  Our Loving Heavenly Father, we thank you for this blessed day. Lord we are glad to know through this message that you send someone from afar   to help us in times of need. We thank you for your kindness. Help us never to doubt Your kindness in any form and accept it when necessary. Teach us to recognize your help, when You send it through someone. And help us to be grateful to you.

In Jesus name we pray,


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