March 26, 2023

God’s Blessings - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today is taken from the book of Genesis 17:2, “I will multiply you exceedingly.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, from the above verse we understand that God promises to multiply you exceedingly. The word multiply denotes plenty, and exceedingly refers to something all the more in number. In other word plenteous. This verse says that God will increase you to a very higher level, and also make you to be multiplied in very large quantity and still increase you in an exceedingly abundant manner. So He expresses three different measurement of increase in this verse. There is a lot of difference between all these terms that are used to measure the level of quantity. When a man increases in plenty then he is blessed more than what he expects. He will receive exceedingly abundantly above all that he asks, or prays, or thinks. He will be drawn closer to a God who provides him something more than his expectation. God did not look at Abraham and simply say these words to him. He really meant what He said, because His words don’t fall to the ground. And what He says, He will surely accomplish. Abraham was known as the friend of God. So God often visited him and shared His thoughts. They were closely connected with each other. What a great blessing this was to Abraham. The God of the universe was in close relationship with Abraham who was an ordinary man like you and me.

Many of you have the doubt as to how God can speak to Abraham. Will He speaks to us also? Well even you can talk to God if you are closely connected with Him in the reading of God’s word and also in praying and praising Him.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God says this word to Abraham when he had no children at all. God looks at Him and said, “I will multiply you exceedingly.”And Abraham did not raise any question but believed in the Lord God Almighty that God could perform a miracle for him even in his old age. God promised Abraham at the age of 99 that he would have a son. Until then he did not have even a single child. When both Abraham and Sarah had grown much old and had passed the age of begetting children. But the Bible says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord to do.’ God who promised him also fulfilled His promise. God blessed Abraham with the promised son Isaac. So if God promises you then He will fulfil His promise for you too. He is a God of promise.

If you walk with God each day of your life like Abraham, God will multiply you exceedingly. God who blessed Abraham will he not bless you? Draw more close with God. Abraham had an intimate relationship with God. We see how Abraham knelt down on his knees and often prayed to the Lord. He had great fear and respect for God. He promised Abraham and He fulfilled His promise. He was a man of prayer. If He promises you then He will keep His promise. That God who blessed Abraham as He had promised, will also fulfil His promise to you. God bless you.

Prayer: Lord, we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. All the children have experienced much sorrow in their lives, They expect You to bless them as you have promised in your word that You will multiply and increase them exceedingly. Lord who increases in abundance, multiply their income, wealth and riches. Make an increase in their anointing and in their prayer life too. Increase the spiritual gift for them and also may their descendants be blessed and multiplied in great number. Remove the reproach shame and deception from your children and bless them.

In Jesus Name we pray,

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