February 17, 2023

God’s Blessings - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today is taken from the book of Psalms 121:6, “The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.”

God says, the sun shall not strike you during the day nor the moon will affect you during the night. Both the sun and the moon are huge lights that brighten the sky. Our earth would be dark without them. They preserve the greenery such as vegetables and fruits. They help in the growth of crops and all other grains and vegetation. All these were created for the blessings of mankind. So God says, however the heat of the sun might strike on you, yet it will not affect you in any way. Many of the youngsters are feeling that they are unable to see the brightness of the future in their life. They feel that their future has been darkened. God has created the sun to brighten, during the day. Though the sun strikes during the day it is useful to kill germs and helps in preservative of food materials. Sunlight provides energy and also gives vitamin D to keep our body healthy. Sun gives you the necessary warmth to keep the temperature of your body fit and active.

For those of you who are suffering from any kind of illness, then the Sunlight will energise you if you sit for a while in the Sunlight. All the slothfulness will disappear, and you shall become smart and brisk to continue your daily work. God will save you from all kinds of germs that could affect you through the Sunlight. Even your spiritual life will be developed because of your physical fitness that you receive through the sunlight. So we receive many good things because of sunlight. The Sun shall not cause any harm to you or your health. Likewise the moon brightens up the dark sky and dispels all darkness and looks beautiful. The Moon is a reflection of the sun light. Thus we see how the Sun helps the moon to get its light. So during the night the sun shall not affect you in any way. It will be a light in the darkness. I bless all of you by saying that the light you receive through the sun and the moon will only be a blessing to you and not be of any harm to you. It is only during the day that we go about working. We are busy during the day and we need sun light to receive the needed energy to work hard.

During the night we sleep and take rest. Therefore the Lord has created the Moon to light up the sky with a mild night. A pleasant light. So this is the blessing that the Lord has given us the sun to rule the day and the night to rule the night. Some of you are thinking well, instead of sleeping and taking rest at night, “I am doing the night duty. This is spoiling my health. It is ok if it is one day. But throughout the year I am working during the night, without proper rest.” It will be nice if I get day shift. This is your desire. Today God has heard your prayer. God will surely give you the desire of your heart. You will be able to work during the day time and rest during the night. God will grant you day shift in your office itself or in some other company. God will do the needful for you. He knows your thoughts and accordingly, He will bless you from Zion.

Prayer: Lord we thank you. Lord I bless everyone who is reading this message, in the name of Jesus. Lord you have said, “The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.” Let all difficulties which your children have faced during the past be erased off. And may they enjoy good life. Let the sunlight give your children the needed energy and may they be able to carry on their work effectively during the day. May the moon light give your children sound sleep. And may they wake up the next day with songs of praises. I praise the Lord for good health that you have granted to them. May they take good rest during the night and may their sleep be sweet. So that when they wake up they will be able to carry on their daily chores at ease and with much enthusiasm.

In Jesus Name We Pray.

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