April 27, 2024

God will Restore Your Health - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day April.27th It is a great pleasure to meet you through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you. Take with me from the book of Jeremiah 30:17, For I will restore health to you, And heal you of your wounds. Says the Lord,Because they called you an outcast saying, This is Zion, no one seeks her. ”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Lord says, Because they called you as outcast saying, This is Zion, no one seeks her. ”whatever it is there is no one to inquire about your welfare. This is what it means that no one seeks you. There is no one to attend on you. So you are left out like an orphan. You have been rejected by all, you have been despised by all, you have been cast aside. So through this auspicious word th Lord is searching for you and coming to inquire about you. So it is said that God is coming today straight into your house to inquire about your welfare. Because you say, that there is no one to inquire about you, or there is no one to help you. There is no one to ask if I had eaten anything. Or inquired about your health. Or asked if you had been to the doctor, God is coming to meet you.

God is coming and is saying well all have neglected you, have separated you, You feel sorry that there is no one to inquire about you. I myself will inquire about you and from the place you had fallen down in the same place I will make you the corner stone. I will make you stand erect. So for that sake I will cause the health and strength to come on you. Your business will function with a healthy manner. Your ministry will function as a healthy organization. Your education will become a healthy education, So that you can manage a powerful business in a healthy manner, or manage a ministry that is quite large in number with a healthy attitude.

Your education will be conducted in a healthy manner. You will secure a business with good strength and also a ministry that will function well. Such things the Lord will give you and God will restore all your wounds. God says, He will heal all your wounds. So for those of you who say that no one is there to inquire about you, And they have been separated from society or from their people, to such kinds of children God is saying that he is going to bless you with a fresh new life. He will grant you healthy business, and will give you a healthy body and will heal all your wounds and help you to lead a happy and peaceful life.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, we thank you. Lord, please look at those children who have been hurt and have been wounded. Lord please look at those children who have been neglected, and have been cast aside by their family members, from their assembly, have been cast by the workers who work with them, Lord there are many who say that they have no one to share, Those who have been separated, set aside, I thank you for meeting such children through this auspicious. Word. Lord, I thank you for healing their wounds. Lord grant them a healthy body, healthy business, and healthy ministry. And bless them with healthy education. Lord keep them in a higher position, and admire them O Lord. Bind their wounds and help them to run in an encouraging manner.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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