March 27, 2023

God Will Not Leave You, Orphans. - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Many of you are murmuring, saying that there is no one to care for you. No one to see you, there is no one to attend over you. There is no one to talk to you. There is no one to have a friendship with you. Most of you are lamenting over your condition. I think that the Lord has heard your murmuring and so God comes inside your house with a special auspicious word of God, taken from the book of John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you. “

My Dear Beloved children of God, Once you come to God He will never allow you to be like the orphans. God says” I will not leave you as orphans. God assures you that He will never leave you alone. He will not forsake you. Today we see how children after growing old age forsake their parents or desert them or even let go of them as orphans. In some places husbands desert their wives. In other cases, the wife deserts her husband, and goes away. All this is happening in the society in which we live. For the sake of debts the wife forsakes her husband and runs away along with her children. There are many men who forsake their wives when some sickness or disease gets hold of them. There are many men like them. Such things should not happen in your life.

My Dear Beloved children of God, It was our wedding day so we went to an old age home, and there we met an elderly person, his looks appeared to be a rich man. He was not poor. He was from a rich family. I asked him, “Sir you look as if you come from a rich family. How did you come into this old age home?”Then he said how he had invested all his income, his insurance money, all his savings and everything he had for his children. He also settled his children. Then he further said that his son was now well settled in a foreign country. He was fine until my wife was there, but now she also had gone. I became alone. Then I told him, ‘’Well if your son desires then he can very well take you to America. But he said, “ Let my son be happy there with his wife and children. I will remain here for I do not know how long I would live. He did not curse his son. I purposely repeated asking questions, and in my discussion, I came to know that he has sacrificed everything for the sake of his son. The sad part is that one week earlier his son had returned from America, and had been to his mother-in-law’s house, but never made a call to him and neither did he visit him in the old age home. But before he could return he called up from the airport, saying daddy sorry “ All my programme, was changed, from what I had planned, and all money had been spent, so when I come the next time I shall visit you.”

My Dear Beloved children of God, Just imagine what pain the father must be going through. He is all alone in the old age home, what else is much more important than visiting his old father. His wife is no more. He should have made the programme to visit him first, and then the rest of the things could have been sorted out. My heart was much distressed. To think how people forsake their loved ones in all this manner. His uncle and his aunty are doing fine in health, the son, had gladly visited them but he had no time, to see his own father. He had no time to go and meet him. Yet the father did not curse his son and said, “Don’t know what problems he is going through.” He took all things very lightly and did not speak rudely about his son, neither did he grumble over his situation. He was very particular that he should not curse his son. Parents love their children but children so easily forget all the good things they have done for them. But today the Lord is saying, “No matter who deserts, you, I will not leave you as orphans.”The spirit of the Lord is telling you that He will never leave you alone. Dear children of God, you may have been forsaken because you have no money. Or you have been affected by some disease, and because of that they think that they will not be able to take care of people who have a serious disease. They don’t want to spend money on them. They know for sure that they are going to die. So why waste money on them.

My Dear Beloved children of God, People will come to me for prayer. They would have been so well off in the past days. But they would be brought by the auto man holding their hands. It would look so painful to see them. I would ask them, “Haven’t your children come along with you? ”They would say, “Our children have all gone to their office. This auto man is very reliable so we have brought him along with us. Wherever we go he takes us. ”Today we see in our society many auto men not only accompany elderly people along with them wherever they go but also give them water to drink and pay more attention for them. Many such people come to our prayer towers with auto men. When we see such things, our heart becomes heavy with grief. It becomes very unbearable. So those of you reading this message should never say that, “I have sent enough money to my father. He will take care of himself.”Instead of saying like this, it would be better that you take good care of your parents. Support them as much as you can in their old age. This is my humble request as an ambassador of God. Then your life will be a great blessing to you. So God himself has come in the midst of you, to give you life, and assures you that He will not leave you alone nor forsake you. He has arrived to do good for you. God bless you.

Prayer: Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord hear the voice of those who are saying, Lord I have been deserted by all and I live alone. There is no one to take care of me. There is no one to take me out. No one to enquire whether I have eaten my food or not. When I was doing well all were around me but now I am left alone, because I have grown old and I have no money. Hear the cry of those who are crying over their loneliness. Look upon these children and give them another opportunity to enjoy their life. Lord, You support them and look after them as king and queen and may they live happily for many years to come. Help those who have been deserted by their husbands. Bring back their husbands with good intention that they may show true love for their wives. Help them to run their family lives happily with your blessings. You will guard them and keep them with perfect health and happiness. May all the separated families be reunited in the name of Jesus.
In Jesus Name we pray.

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