October 23, 2021

GOD WILL HEAL YOU - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Creator, Maker, and ever unforgettable Lord Jesus Christ. The Blessed word that the  Lord   has   given   for  you  today  is  from  the  book  of  Luke 13:11-13, “And Behold there was a woman, who had a spirit, of infirmity, eighteen years, and was bent  over  and could in no way raise herself  up.  But when Jesus saw her He called her and said,    “Woman you are loosed from your infirmity. “And He laid her hands on her   and immediately she was made straight and she glorified God.

From the above context we learn about a woman, who had an infirmity for eighteen years. And she couldn’t lift her neck and look upwards either to the sky or upwards. She was bent at the back and her back bone was bent. Jesus couldn’t bear to see this woman bending always. He wanted her to appear like all other woman, He considered her as   Abraham’s daughter and therefore she needed immediate healing. But why did this sickness come upon her? She was criticised, because she went about bending. She was ridiculed. We know that sickness comes because of our sinful nature. People who smoke suffer from breathing problem. Those who drink suffer from liver problem, and abdomen pain. Some use tobacco and they suffer from mouth cancer.   So we see how our bad habits cause sickness in our body. This does not mean that all suffer from sickness because of sin   and sinful nature. This woman who suffered from infirmity was because she was subjected to some family curse. In some families I have heard them say, that when men reach 40 years then they die. Some families we see most of them die of accidents. In some families their children never get married. And there are some who get married but never get children all these are signs of curse.

Our God can change the curse into a blessing. Praise the Lord. The Bible says, He who covers his sins will not prosper but whoever confesses and forsakes   them will have mercy. Sin separates us from God. Therefore God wants us to cleanse ourselves of our sinful nature and sanctify us so that we may live a life   without sickness. Sometimes God Himself will send some sickness in order to test our faith. Such people need not worry over their sickness because at the end of affliction, God Himself will help them get over their sickness. And they will become healed after the period of affliction. And God’s name will be glorified.  We see how Job endured   patiently   when he was covered with boils all over his body. He was a righteous man. He was blameless before God then why did he suffer from boils. God allowed him to suffer. Job therefore knew that this was an affliction by God and he endured it patiently. He also knew that God will bring him out of this terrible situation. The Bible Says, Job waited for the appointed time when his problem would come to an end.  God healed him after the period of affliction was over.

Therefore every one reading this message, in case you have been involving   in some bad habits please give them up, so that your body does not get polluted. Those who are acquainted with evil habits, please give up your bad practices. Then you will be healed of your disease. Look at this woman she was attacked by an evil spirit,  as a result, her body had a curve in the backbone,   and she could not look straight. She couldn’t lift her neck upwards. Do you wish to suffer like her or wish to be healed of your disease? The choice is yours. Bad habits are very attractive and enticing. But once you get involved in them,   then you become the slave to such bad habits. The Bible says, “He who sins is of the devil, for the Devil has sinned from the beginning. And who ever has been born of God does not sin.  For   His seed   remains in him. Allow the seed of God to be within you. Then no sickness or the evil spirit can penetrate into your body. May the Lord help you to live a spotless and blameless life.  God Bless you.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father,  we   thank   You   for  this  blessed day. Dear Lord,   we   thank you because you have taught us through this message how we ought to be. What happens when we commit sin and enjoy bad habits.   Keep us free from sin and evil habits. Give us the strength to overcome such sinful activities. May we be like Job who endured patiently when he was afflicted. Give us the grace to live a clean life before God.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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