September 8, 2021

God will exalt you - Bro. T. Stephen

My dear Brothers   and sisters   in Christ,   I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  The blessed word that God has given you for today is from the book of,  Genesis 31:42,  “If the God of my father, the God of Abraham and the fear of Isaac, had not been with me, you would surely have sent me away empty handed. But God has seen my hard ship and the toil of my hands, and last night He rebuked you”.

“My Dear Brothers and Sisters, From the above context we understand that if only  the God of Abraham  had not been with Jacob,  Laban would  have harmed him. Jacob  believed  that since God of his father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac had been with him, and because he feared and served with reverence and godly fear, and unless his father’s God had been on his side and had protected him and preserved  him his uncle Laban, would have sent, him away empty handed.

My   Dear Brothers and Sisters,  We   see  in   this passage, that Jacob decided to return to his father,  Isaac,  to the land of Canaan.    So he set His  sons, and his wives on camels,  he carried away all his livestock  and all his possessions  which  he had gained in  Padan  Aram while  working    with   his  uncle  Laban.    Jacob had not  told  his uncle that he had decided  to flee to his home  town.  He  fled  with all that he had, He crossed the river, and headed towards the mountains of Gilead.  On hearing the escape of Jacob,     Laban overtook   Jacob and   pitched   his   tents in the mountains of   Gilead,   with   his  brethren.   Laban   said   to   Jacob,  “ It  is  in my  power to do you harm,  but  God  warned  me not to speak neither  good, nor bad.”   Jacob   answered   to   Laban   by   the above words,    saying, “God had seen my hardship and the toil of my hands, hence He has rebuked you last night.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Jacob had strong faith that God who called him was  faithful.   He faced many hardships, in his uncles place. His  wages  had been changed several times.  Inspite  of  his hard work, his  uncle  Laban  refused to be kind  to   him. Rather he dealt rudely with him. On hearing that Jacob was escaping  Laban  chased him   but God prevented him from harming, Jacob. In the same way,  God  will  put  an  end  to  all  those  who  are planning to do evil against you. God says, “No weapon formed   against you shall prosper.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters, You might be going through terrible situation,   at your work spot, Or you are broken hearted because of  financial  crisis. You might have to pay back huge debts.   Or   you    have   a problem with your relationship . So you are quite disturbed and even think why should I  go through all this.    Won’t God intervene and help me come out of all my problems.  God is always willing to help you when you surrender your lives to Jesus. Therefore cast all your cares upon  Him for he cares for you. Be sober, be vigilant, be steadfast in faith . Resist the devil, and humble yourselves, in the mighty hands of God. Then the Lord will exalt you in due time. For He raises the poor out of the dust, He lifts the needy, out of the ash heap. So cast your care upon him and He will sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be moved.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Thank you Lord for being mindful of us. You protected Jacob from his cruel   uncle  Laban.    In the same way Lord protect and safeguard us from  the hands of all the evil people.  Surround us with Your mercy. Help us to be vigilant and steadfast in our faith. Teach us to humble ourselves   in the mighty hands of God that we may be exalted.

 In Jesus name we pray.


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