April 23, 2021


I greet and bless every one of you in the Mighty name of our Lord  Jesus Christ. The Blessed word that the Lord has given for you today is from the book of  2 Peter 3:9, “ The  Lord  is  not slow  to  fulfil  his promise as some count slowness, but  is  patient  toward you. “  

From the above   context we see that the Lord is not slack concerning His promise that He has made in our lives. We are hooked into a world of the moment and a life of the limited, while God is unfolding His plans and purposes for the benefit of mankind.   God is not slow to fulfil His promises to us, and any perceived delay in the mindset of man, cannot invalidate the perfect, unfolding plan of God.  People who believe  the fast approaching day of the Lord, are unaware that every passing moment, is not slackness  on God’s part, or indifference  towards man ‘s evil ways,  but just another expression of His long-suffering grace and His unwillingness that any should perish, but that all should turn from their evil ways,  to Jesus, their glorious Saviour.

Every day that passes is a good example of God’s long-suffering grace towards the children of men.  May we come to the unshakable knowledge   that   our   times  are in His hands  and  at His appointed time and in His designated way, we will  one  day  step into  His  presence, with hope    and  delight.    Whenever   God   promises    the   children   of Israel,   He never fails to fulfil His promise for He is not slack   concerning His promise. It may be a trivial matter, yet He keeps His promise. I wish to recollect an incident that goes to prove that our God is an unchanging God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

A Brother named Charles Raj completed his B.Sc  Nursing and with an intention of working in the Health Department, in Dubai,  he wrote the DHA  Exam, four times but he failed in all his attempt. We were then conducting online programmes. On 5th September, he happened to listen to our message. “ God Who Grants Wisdom” was the title of our message for the month of September. He took the message on wisdom that was preached,   for himself.  And he tried to improve himself as per the word of God instructed. “The word spoken was about improving   your knowledge and wisdom.  “If any one lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally without reproach,   and it will be given to him. “  So in spite of his failure he took the word of God and applied it in his life. He started to get extra coaching to excel in the DHA Exam in order to work in Dubai. 

This time, having improved on his learning the subject matter, he performed well in his exam and the Lord heard his prayer. As per his desire,   he has secured the job in Dubai. Not only did he excel in his exam and   secure a job,  in Dubai in the same  Department of Health, for which he longed for,   but he had also made a  prayer request through on line prayer for his brother who was unmarried over a long period of time.  By the grace of God his brother’s marriage also took place recently. Thus we see how God works   miracles for those who truly believe in His Name. There is power and life in His word. The Bible speaks about the Lord’s faithfulness. Sometimes even when we do not know what He is doing in our lives, He is working behind the scenes and knows exactly what He is doing. Now that is a real comfort to you I suppose.   I believe that this testimony of Bro. Charles Raj, will be encouraging to   those of you reading this message. Believe in the word of God and accept it for yourself and apply them for your benefit as Raj applied it in his life  and   therefore  was successful  in his attempt. Believe in the Lord and you shall see the glory of God.  God Bless you. 

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day.   Loving Father, Praise Your wonderful Name for your long-suffering attitude towards us .   Thank You that every   day   of   our life   is   known   to You   and   that   You   perform   miracles   in our lives,   to fulfil your promise.  Help us to accept the word that proceeds from the mouth of the Elders, and apply it in our lives for our own benefit. 

In Jesus name we pray.  


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