April 28, 2024

God Watches Over Your Land - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the name of the Lord be glorified. On this day April 28th It is a great pleasure to meet you through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you. Take with me from the book of Deuteronomy 11:12, A land for which the Lord your God cares. The eyes of the Lord, Your God, are always on it. From the beginning of the year to the very end of the year. ”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, The eyes of the Lord were upon the people of Israel in the land of Canaan, during 24 hours for 365 days. As we too are considered as the people of Israel God’s eyes are upon us for 24 hours. We are under the direct vigilance of God. Which means that we are being watched, by the camera and are being recorded, and whatever you do will be watched and in order to give you warning. God’s eyes are upon us not to warn us but to encourage us. You are under the vigilance of God, You are surrounded by God. You are under the direct control of God. From the beginning of the year till the very end, God’s eyes are upon you, your family, your business, center, your ministry, not to fear you but to motivate you.

Firstly He will not allow any evil to come against you. God will not allow any cruelty to happen to you. 2000 years ago whoever fell in the sight of God, God changed their evil into good. The widow of the city of Nain, her only son was dead, and she was crying over him. In order to bury him the people were carrying his dead body to the cemetery. At that time the eyes of the Lord fell upon the widow. What did God do? He did not like such a thing happening in front of his eyes. He immediately said just one word, “ young man arise. “immediately the young man got up and sat . Jesus handed the young man into the hands of his mother. If God’s eyes fall upon you then the bondage of death will be changed. If the eyes of the Lord will fall upon you, then there will be no loss in your life. There will be no death in your life. If you are under the direct sight of the Lord then all the weapons formed against you will not prosper. So ask the Lord to have direct control over you and keep His eyes upon you. Lord you come daily into my house through the Mangala Vaarthi program and remain with me throughout the day. Set your eyes upon me and give me counseling with your eyes. If you walk in the counseling of God your life will be well settled.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, we thank you. Lord, we submit our family under your vigilance. Let it give us protection. Let it help us to progress in our life. Let it redeem all that we have lost in our life. Let it create new jobs for us. Let it destroy all the weapons formed against us. Since we are under your vigilance let it give us protection for our lives. Let all our wealth be protected. Let doors for good income be opened for us. Your children should never borrow money from others. Lord we untie all the bondage of death through your vigilance. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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