June 13, 2019

God wants you to progress - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. The blessed word that God has given for you today, is from the book of Ezekiel 36:11, “I will multiply upon you man and beast. And they shall increase and bear young. I will make you inhabited as in former times and do better for you than at your beginnings. Then You shall know that I am the Lord.”

My Dear brothers and Sisters, from the above context we learn about the happenings during the time when Joshua distributed the mountainous lands by lot, to all the tribes of Israel, and occupied them and settled them down. At that time both mount Seir and Edom were desolate, and cut off, because they destroyed the children of Israel, by the power of the sword. But God speaks to these desolate mountains that He would again bless their men and beasts and would increase and multiply them.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God promises to bless both men and beasts. Most of the beasts and men had been killed by the hunters and poachers or they might have been driven away. But God expects an increase of them which would graze on the meadows and would feed upon the herbage of the mountains and the rich pastures on them. God further says, the plain mountains shall be inhabited by those who formerly dwelt on the mountains. And they shall enjoy the goodness of the land by their right owners.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, in the same manner God wants to increase and multiply both men and beast in your family. When God blessed Adam and Eve, the first blessing was, “You shall be fruitful and fill the earth.” Right in the beginning of creation God was interested in multiplying, and increasing, the people. This was His plan. God did not want His children to remain in the same stagnant level but move forward. It is the will of God that His people should not be stuck in one level or state of life, but rather they progress in their life.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God is mindful of you. He is interested in the welfare of your life. He wants to increase and multiply you in every phase of your life. It is not the will of God that you should shrink, stumble and fall down in life. But to experience an expansion and elevation in life. God wants to bring an end to all your struggles in your financial, physical and emotional condition. God is good all the time. May be you had faced hard times during the earlier period of your life. You may not have had a good job, or your business did not progress. Your health and the status of your life may not be worth speaking. But in future you will see greater things happen in your life and that of your family. God will exalt you, that’s why He says, “I will do better for you than at your beginning. Then You shall know that I am the Lord.” He wants you to rise and shine. God bless you.

Prayer: Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Thank You because You have promised to bless the latter period of our life than the beginning. Help us to experience an elevation in our life. May we not shrink or stumble down in life rather teach us to strive hard and be successful. May we see an increase in every phase of our life.

In Jesus name we pray.


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