February 2, 2019

God protects the Righteous - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  The  blessed  word   that  God  has  given  for  you  today  is  from the book of  Genesis 7:1 , The Lord then said to Noah, “ Go into the ark,  you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation.”

Dear   Brothers   and   Sisters,   from   the above   context   we  see  how   God  protected Noah and his family. God   acknowledged   Noah as righteous person.   By the deeds of the law, no flesh living shall be justified.    Noah   found   favor   in the sight of God.   There was none  so righteous  besides him in that wicked   generation   and he was   very   remarkable.  Noah   was  a  rare  instance  of this character. It   was   a  blessing  to  him  as he was  righteous, in such a corrupt period. During the time of Noah people sinned against the Lord. They drank and gave their children   in marriage to ungodly people. They were altogether wicked.

God therefore chose  such  a  righteous  person  not only to build an ark but also to enter into the ark. God purposed in  his  heart  to  protect  Noah  and  his  family from the floods. Noah not only trusted in God,   but  also  obeyed  God  in  building  the  ark as he was instructed by God. Even the length and breadth of the ark,  the  design and  pattern of the ark was instructed by the Lord. And he built the ark accordingly. God was so pleased with him and his workmanship. Because of Noah his family was blessed.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Are you walking in faith like Noah. He had never seen rain in all the days of his life. Yet He believed that God would send rain.   Are you righteous before God in all that you   do?   If   so,   then   God will protect you.  Noah lived in a land surrounded with evil and sinful people. Yet he proved righteous before God.  So God   Himself   sent them into the ark and locked the door,   so that no one  else  could enter the ark. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters , When you find favor in the sight of God, then God Himself, will put you in the cleft of the rock and  hide  you  with his hands. Since you are so precious in his sight, He will not destroy you, but save you from the disaster to come. The Lord will be your shield and buckler. He will put a wall of fire around you and protect you and your family.

God bless you.


Our   loving  heavenly  Father,  we  thank  You for this blessed day. Lord help us to find favor in your sight, just as Noah found favor. God teach us to be righteous   in  our daily life.  Just as mercy and truth meet each other help us to be honest and truthful in all our ways. Guard us and protect us as  You protected Noah and his family.  Thank You Lord for answering our prayer.  In Jesus name we pray.


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